Instagram Pod: How To Create An Instagram Pod

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If you aren’t in the know (yet), an Instagram pod generally refers to any group direct message on Instagram in which all the users agree to help each other grow on that platform.

Before we get into the nitty gritty on creating successful pod(s) for your Instagram growth, let’s explore for a moment how they actually work.

Basically, a bunch of different Instagram users will come together within one direct message or group chat conversation. They agree to comment & like each other’s posts as soon as they’re posted. And that’s the goal!

Now, is this possible with 300 people? Probably not. The likelihood of getting 300 users to all agree that they’re going to like and comment on your post immediately after it’s published – every single time – is  just unlikely. Oh, and don’t forget, you’re supposed to reciprocate by liking and commenting on all 300 of your pod peeps’ posts, too – as soon as they go live.

Ummm, not so much.

That’s why most Instagram pods range anywhere from 10 to 15 people. If you start getting more than 15 people in your group, it becomes hard to manage.

The goal of an Instagram pod is for each user to benefit in terms of increased engagement and increased following.

This happens by way of being notified every time someone in the pod posts. How? Well, post-notifications must be turned on so that each pod member is alerted to a new post by someone in their community. Or, you simply post a message in the pod to let everybody know, “Hey guys, I just posted!

Once the tribe is made aware of a new post, all the other users within the pod should quickly go and comment.

This guarantees three things:

  1. X amount of comments
  2. Comments are going to be insightful
  3. Engagement will happen quickly

Let’s get into some tips about creating Instagram pods, finding the right people, and what to do once your pod is up and running…

1st Tip: Look for users who have a similar following count.

If you have 300 followers, they should have about 300 followers. If you’re stylin’ with 40,000 followers, they should be, too.

2nd Tip: Think of people you already know.

Friends are okay, but not necessarily the best to join Instagram pods with.

If you have a friend (maybe across the country) who has totally different followers than you, BUT your following size and demographic are about the same, that’s a great friend to add to your Instagram pod!

That said, if you have a friend (maybe next door neighbor) who has the exact same followers you do, it wouldn’t beneficial to join a pod together. Why? Well, common sense. Your followers already know of each other! Therefore, the likelihood of exchanging followers is almost zero because there aren’t many followers to be exchanged in the first place.

3rd Tip: Search hashtags.

Look at the hashtags that you are frequently using under your post or the hashtags that relate to whatever your niche is on IG. Seek out the top users who have top posts in that hashtag category. Side-note: You can also look at recommended users.

4th Tip: Start a relationship.

Once you’ve narrowed down who you want to be in your pod(s), just slide up into their DMs and strike up a conversation!

Hey, looks like we have a similar sized following and our followers have similar interests, too! I really think starting an Instagram pod would be great for us! Basically, all we would have to do is like and comment on each other’s pictures every time we post, and that way we both win in the long run… 🙂

5th Tip: Start the pod.

Once people agree to be in your Instagram pod, you can actually start the group! Then, it will be easier to recruit new members in the future because you can name drop. Tell prospective members who’s in your tribe!

This way, there’s even more of an incentive for people to join your group!

For the crucial remaining tips, you must check out the newest podcast on Build Your Tribe, How to Hack Instagram Growth Reach & Engagement! You’ll find super important tricks, like:

  • How to manage Instagram pods
  • Ideal ways to engage on the posts of your fellow pod peeps
  • Recommendations for interacting with your community to keep it sustained
  • Balancing more than one pod

Finding a group that’s right for you – both in terms of the amount of users and the kind of people they are – is a great way to take your Instagram to the next level! It’ll ensure growth no matter what happens with a new Instagram algorithm (or changes to different features within the Instagram app). When you have (or are part of) Instagram pods, you and everyone else in the clique wins! 


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