Purpose: How To Find A New Purpose In Life

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I’m trying to find my purpose” is a ridiculous notion. Replace your previously held beliefs about the word purpose and replace them with this notion: “My purpose is to help other people figure out the thing I figured out.” That, dear lifers, is your purpose. And, trust me, you’re going to go through a lot more super challenging things in your lifetime.

My belief is that God is putting those hurdles in front of you because he sees how well you help others. It is not our purpose, ultimately. It’s His purpose.

Don’t question life’s major obstacles. Just get through it. You always do. And when you start helping others, looking in the rearview mirror at your painful chapter will make sense to you. You’ll realize that horrible thing wasn’t so horrible because, wow, it feels so good to guide others.

If you’re going through a tough time right now, keep some notes, because I guarantee you’re going to survive this, and you’ll have learned some important lessons. It will be in your purpose to help others get through it. This is very powerful because most people don’t have the courage to do that. They think that any terrible thing that they went through somehow is a reflection on them. But it’s not!

Don’t hide from that terrible thing you’ve survived. Use it. This is the magic remedy for not just surviving – which, to be certain, is great on its own – but becoming a conqueror.

You conquer your “setback” by helping other people understand it doesn’t mean the end. You’ve got to get good at sharing what you’ve been through. Are you listening?

Perhaps you’re wondering, “Have I had any major traumas in my life?” But no. It doesn’t have to be some huge life-changing event. Sometimes it’s just, “I’ve survived filing taxes myself. I’m a big girl now.” Just get in the habit of sharing with people a challenging thing that you figured out, okay?

Start small, less intimate, and not so personal. Eventually, you’ll work up to revealing more and going deep.

When I think about sharing in that context, it’s clear to me that my purpose has changed over the years… because I’ve been through a lot (as have you). Hence, I’m always thinking about what I’ve just recently been through, and how I’m going to serve you with this new data I’ve learned.

At this time, for me, it’s all 131 Method. That is my current mission. To get you to understand your health from the inside out.

There are 3 things I want you to remember about this new purpose as it applies to your business:

  • Start (today)
  • Messy (it needs to be)
  • Therapy (figure things out)

This is you trying to make sense of it. No one’s expecting you to know all the answers. But I am calling upon you to take action and live your purpose for the moment.

Open up your phone and start talking to people. That’s step one. You’ve got to do that.

And then you have to invest in people. Hire experts. Every time you invest one dollar in personal development by either having a coach or a mentor or a program that walks you through something, it holds you accountable. 

If you take action, stuff happens. Just don’t make it so scary. Don’t make it so big. Baby steps.

You’re going to want to listen to this podcast episode from Build Your Tribe: What To Do When Your Passion Changes & How To Start — NOW! – where I’m able to really dig deep on helping you redefine your purpose! Included, you’ll find my 131 Method journey: how I found the answers in regard to my health issues and how I’m currently using that knowledge to serve you. 


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