How to Get Back Into Shape

Have you taken a break from your health and fitness? If so, it doesn’t really matter how long or the reason — as that is in the past and it’s definitely in your power to get back on track!

In this episode, I help you do just that! Helping you understand why you may have put your health and fitness on the back burner and, most importantly, how to find the motivation to return — on your own terms!


You’ll find out:

  • Why I’m so proud of you for listening to today’s show
  • Why you needed a break
  • The responsibility you have to your body
  • Reasons why we lose motivation
  • My challenge to you that’ll get you in a good mood (and why it matters)
  • The power of listening to music from your youth
  • Why I love walking over running
  • Why I prioritize lifting weights over cardio
  • The value in planning and scheduling your fitness and bedtime
  • The best time to exercise
  • Where to find online workouts
  • Why you must give yourself permission to try new things
  • My thoughts on hiring a trainer
  • Why people often don’t like going to the gym
  • What to do when the gym intimidates you
  • The importance of getting ready for your workout the night before
  • Why I love working out first thing in the morning
  • Benefits of exercise
  • Why it’s crucial to get a workout buddy (AKA accountability)
  • Why your weight isn’t telling you anything about your health




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