When a Loved Ones Mental Health Takes Over Your Life

Dealing with mental health issues when it comes to a loved one can be extremely difficult — for everyone involved. Learning what you should do and what you should not do to help anyone one with a mental illness can get super complicated. The guilt we feel can be so consuming. Wanting to save those who are suffering can turn into codependence — which isn’t healthy for anyone. 

Today, I share my thoughts on this sensitive topic. Without going into too much personal information, I reveal that I, too, am dealing with a loved one who suffers from mental illness. And I’ll share ways in which I have learned to process and cope.

WARNING: I am NOT a mental health expert or a therapist. These are just my own personal thoughts and opinions. Think of this episode as a venting session between close friends.


You’ll find out:

  • Why we don’t often think about family/friends of those struggling with mental health
  • How to separate the person from their mental health condition
  • Why family dynamics are often destroyed when a loved one suffers mental health issues
  • Why having a loved one with mental health struggles is absolutely normal
  • What I don’t like about myself re: my own experience with this matter
  • The importance of truly understanding codependency
  • The difference between couldn’t and wouldn’t
  • The best outlet (when you have someone in your life with mental health problems)




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