Podcast – How To Stop Overthinking Things

5 Ways To End Overthinking Immediately

Do any of the questions below sound familiar?

  • Okay, did I offend that person?
  • Am I actually going to finish this assignment?
  • Why isn’t she responding to my text messages?
  • Do they think I’m strange?
  • Should I just reach out to him?
  • Which project should I start first?
  • Should I clean the house or exercise or start working on stuff for my business?

If these questions do, indeed, hit a little too close to home, then today’s episode is custom built for you!

But listen, having repetitive thoughts is what makes us human. In fact, it’s what the brain is designed to do… protect us! So, the reason we have all these particular thoughts is because we’re trying to make sure we don’t get harmed. It’s a primitive way of thinking.

Don’t get eaten by a predator!

Sometimes, though, our wiring goes wrong, and we’re headed on a downward cycle. We’re left feeling consumed, overwhelmed, and paralyzed by these thoughts.

Figure out how to stop the madness by listening to the episode now!


You’ll also find…

  • Additional examples that suggest you may be an overthinker
  • The difference between an overthinker and a perfectionist
  • 3 reasons why you must put an end to this vicious cycle of thinking too much immediately
  • 5 ways to stop the process of overthinking today
  • How I learn from my mistakes — both business and personal
  • Why you should start messy and plan to fail



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