Podcast – What To Do If You’re Feeling Rejected or Left Out

Imagine all of your friends invited to a party except for you. No matter how confident you are, it would still (most likely) be an uncomfortable and painful feeling. In today’s episode, I share tips on dealing with rejection and, also, strategies to improve mindset and behaviors.


You’ll find out:

  • Memories of my own childhood (and my daughter’s) where rejection played a role
  • Why rejection is rarely personal
  • Why you must assume the best in others (i.e., intentions)
  • Why people might be taking cues from YOU that you actually don’t want to be included (and my own personal anecdote re: this scenario)
  • Why it’s imperative to understand the impression you might be giving off to others
  • How to start being included
  • The least effective thing you can do when dealing with rejection
  • How to handle situations where you do feel being excluded was an oversight
  • What to focus on when feeling left out (i.e., what really matters)



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