How To Handle Rejection from a Friend

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No matter how secure you feel in your friendships, it’s fair to say that we’ve all experienced rejection (or feeling left out) at some point.

So today, I’ll share with you tips on how to handle it when you feel rejected from/by a friend.

Tips on Handle Rejection from Friend

How To Handle Rejection from a Friend

Tip #1: Assume the best of others.

See, assuming that people do enjoy being with you and like having you around, is to believe the best about yourself. Therefore, whatever rejection you (may have) experienced isn’t taken personally.

Think back on a time when you unintentionally/accidentally overlooked:

  • inviting somebody to your party
  • returning someone’s phone call
  • tagging a friend in a social media post
Sometimes it all just comes down to a silly (even if hurtful) oversight.

Tip #2: Make yourself a part of something.

Sure, I realize there are times when the handwriting is on the wall and a friend has outright told you,

“Hey, listen, this girls night is just for the three of us. Next time, though.”

But if you haven’t had those types of conversations, why is it somebody else’s responsibility to include you?

So — make yourself irresistible! Be the person who organizes these events.

Rather than waiting for others to invite you, consider being the:

  • hostess with the mostest
  • person who organizes all the things
  • life of the party
  • one in charge of the guest list
Handle Rejection From Friend By Hosting Events

Tip #3: Consider the vibe you’re giving off.

When you do attend a social function — no matter how big or small — do you tend to stand off in the perimeters and feel uncomfortable talking and socializing? Do you give people the idea that you don’t enjoy social settings?

Take, for example, an intimate dinner party… are you the one who’s:

  • the least involved in the conversation?
  • awkward and uncomfortable?
  • the most guarded?

Because if you are, you’re sending people the message that you don’t really like to be included.

Hence, if you want that things to change, then the next time you ARE invited:

  • get into the mix of things
  • open up
  • let your guard down
  • socialize

Your presence needs to enrich or enhance the experience, or people will stop including you.

Handle Rejection from Friend by Being Life of Party
For many more tips on how to handle rejection from a friend, plus:
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  • How to handle situations where you do feel being excluded was an oversight
  • What to focus on when feeling left out (i.e., what really matters)

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