TikTok or Instagram for Business 

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Both Instagram and TikTok have their strengths and weaknesses. They also each, individually, top each other in certain areas. Today, we’ll focus on which platform is ultimately best for growing your business.

TikTok or Instagram Which Is Better for Business

TikTok or Instagram for Business?

Instagram has always beat TikTok when it comes to direct messages. 

  • People DM more on Instagram than they do on TikTok
  • TikTok has built-in message settings that need to be adjusted
  • Direct messaging on TikTok can be cumbersome and isn’t that intuitive, really

But on Instagram, it’s so easy! One example being:

You can watch someone’s Story, tap that little reply button at the bottom and boom you’ve started a DM conversation!

Not to mention, Instagram has said that one of their focuses of 2022 is making direct messaging on the platform even:

  • better
  • more central
  • easier to use

How will they do this?

They’ll add (to their DMs) better filtering, categorization and tagging, etc.

Now, all of that leads me to say that doing business and making sales is, in my opinion, easier on Instagram!


Well, if you’ve listened to any of my past episodes on Build Your Tribe or you’ve attended any of my past InstaClubHub live trainings, then you know that selling goes down in the DMs.

And this is precisely why Instagram has has the leg up in business — at least right now.

Instagram Beats TikTok for Business Because of Direct Messaging DMs

Don’t get me wrong, though. There are plenty of people who are making millions of dollars over on TikTok, and it can be really great for virality. 

All that said, selling really takes place, at least with the modern consumer, in the DMs. This is because of:

  • trusted one-on-one conversations
  • reliability
  • having that real connection or relationship with your customer

And all of that is just easier to establish over on Instagram!

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Then, definitely check out this episode of Build Your Tribe:

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