When Fear of Failure Becomes Unhealthy

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On some level, we all fear getting things wrong, making a mistake and not performing to our fullest potential. But when does this fear of failure start affecting one’s mental health, becoming totally unhealthy? 

Fear of Failure Becomes Unhealthy Affecting Mental State

When Fear of Failure Becomes Seriously Unhealthy

Atychiphobia is described as an irrational but extreme fear of failing / facing uncertainty. Now, before you decide for yourself,

“Finally, there’s a word for this thing that I experience. That’s it!”

I want you to understand that Atychiphobia is a clinical definition and related to morbid fear, if you will. Feeling like you’re going to die and the world will end if you mess up.

When it’s so all-encompassing that your anxiety ridden thoughts control your actions and prevent you from following through on whatever.  

And this particular unhealthy condition is often centered around a very specific thing, like:

  • a new mother who literally can’t feed her own child because she’s so afraid that something’s going to go terribly wrong — resulting in the child’s death
  • being so fearful of public transportation you never travel anywhere — not even to the grocery store
  • quitting school or simply not going to class anymore because the thought of underperforming on exams is too much to bear

Bottom line: It’s just this overwhelming irrational state — unwarranted and persistent — in order to be considered Atychiphobia.

Fear of Failure Unhealthy Atychiphobia

Side note: If you do suspect that this level of panic is what’s going on with you, I strongly encourage you to seek assistance, professional help. 

But what about unhealthy fear that isn’t so catastrophic?

You know, when it’s a problem, but not truly debilitating. Like, there’s something you really want to…

  • do
  • try
  • go for

…but you’re preventing yourself from doing it because of your inability (or nagging hesitation) to move forward mentally. 

Or — there’s something you are doing but you don’t enjoy it because you overthink every single minute of it for fear of messing up.

For actionable steps on how to get past this, plus:

  • Ways in which you might be subconsciously NOT taking risks
  • How your fear of failure reflects on those in your life
  • The ONE thing everyone with fear of failure shares
  • Why overcoming fear of failure is a gradual process

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  1. Chalene always keeps it real. I would seriously love to sit and hang out because that’s the vibe I get from her. And I’m launching my YouTube channel which is a different niche than I have found anywhere. I am terrified of looking foolish at 53… looking ridiculous at 23 is different. It’s live but tomorrow I plan to really go public with it to everyone I know and ask them to help spread it far and wide! But this came at the right time! Thanks Chalene 🙂

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