What Is An Instagram Collab?

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An Instagram Collab (short for collaboration) is a relatively new feature on the platform that can really allow you to grow and reach tons of new people — dramatically and instantly increasing your reach.

Instagram Collab Can Increase Growth and Reach

What Is An Instagram Collab?

This particular feature was rolled out in mid to late 2021. And, long story short, the very surface-level definition for this kind of post…

Two Instagram users share one single piece of content, but it shows up on both people’s profiles and to both of their followers. 

Now, in the past, you could technically do a variation of this. For example, Person A:

  • creates the content
  • sends the content to Person B
  • decide to post said content at the very same time (to the minute) as Person B

You might even go as far as putting something in the caption/post like,

Hey, this was made in collaboration with Person B!

However, it would never get the same reach — as today’s official collab post — because, at the end of the day, it’s not getting shown to both audiences.

In other words, Person B wouldn’t be shown to all of Person A’s followers as they wouldn’t pop up on their actual feed.

To reiterate: If you posted something similar (strategically) in the past, it would just be a general post to only YOUR followers and not to your collaborator’s followers.  

But — this new collab post feature allows you to post ONE piece of content and get the reach and the engagement from both profiles!

Instagram Collab Can Increase Growth and Reach for Followers

Picture it: 

You have 1 follower. Your friend has 100 followers. You do a collab together. 

The moment it releases it won’t just be shown to your 1 follower, but, rather to 101 followers; your friend’s 100 plus your 1. 

So, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how utilizing this new feature can very quickly, dramatically and exponentially impact your…

  • reach
  • growth
  • exposure

Ultimately, there are few better ways to get new people discovering you and your account!

For much more related to this topic, like:

  • How to do a collab from a technical standpoint
  • Why you should have a relationship with your collaborator
  • How to build a relationship with prospective collaborators
  • Things to figure out (with your collaborator) before your collab goes public

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