Why You Should Use a Password Manager

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We’ve all been there. Searching and scrambling for some random Post-It under mounds of papers that may (please baby Jesus) have that ONE password we desperately need. It’s not fun. And, to be honest, in 2022, it’s unwise, dangerous and stupid. Everyone should have a password manager at this point.

Listen, if you care about…

  • your overall safety (digital or not)
  • keeping things fast, easy and efficient
  • those who love you (after you’ve passed)

then, having a plan in place with a password manager is a serious no-brainer.

Having A Password Manager Is Serious for Safety

Now, why did I mention after you’ve passed?

Because making the process easier — for those in charge of your digital assets — when you die is a life saver (pun intended).

Perhaps that sounds morbid, but get over it. It’s reality.

Why You Should Use a Password Manager

Sending passwords back and forth via:

  • text
  • email
  • DM

is a thing of the way way past. 

Shoot, if somebody can hack into your email, then they probably can reset anything confidential.

Hence, I’m a huge stickler about everyone on my team, my family, using the same password manager.

Everyone on Your Work Team and Family Should Use Same Password Manager

It’s a one-stop-shop for storing all your credentials — for every single account. 

  • Link to site
  • Username
  • Password
  • Notes

I know what you’re thinking,

“Wait a second, if everything is in one place, isn’t that super-duper scary?”

It isn’t — because it’s all encrypted. I mean, it’s basically almost unhackable. Almost being the operative word as nothing is 100% foolproof. However, a password manager is the absolute safest route in housing your digital assets.

And don’t get me started on storing your precious digits/characters/symbols on a note in your phone or the aforementioned Post-It. 

Sorry, dad, if you’re reading this blog. 

Gone are the days of having the same password (or variation of) for all your sites.

Not Safe to Have Same Password on Post-It for All Sites

A password manager will help you in auto-generating a unique password — for each individual site — that is super complex with multiple digits, numbers, characters, etc.  

And for that reason alone you need this online system because you’ll never be able to remember ONE, much less all. 

You need a password for freaking everything today, right?

So, it’s just common sense to start the process of learning and utilizing a password mgr yesterday.

But how does a password manager actually work? For that and much more related to this topic, like:

  • Privacy laws
  • What is a legacy contact
  • My thoughts on a social media will

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