Are Protein Shakes Good For You?

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Not all protein shakes are created equal. Some simple truths:

  • Many protein powders you’re buying don’t actually contain a lot of the ingredients they advertise on the package.
  • The quality of those ingredients vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  • What’s right for one person might not be right for another.
Protein shakes vary from person to person

Look, before we go any further, I just need to make this super clear:

I’m not anti protein shakes. 

Every day the registered dietitians inside the 131 Method are answering people’s questions. And, by far, one of the most popular of these happens to revolve around protein shakes!

Are protein shakes healthy?! Tell me!

Well, the answer is…

It depends.

Is the majority of what you’re eating processed (i.e., junk food)? Then, yeah, supplements might be a healthy option. If you’re consuming at least one meal a day that’s got some protein / fat / carbohydrates, and you’re adding in a quality protein powder… well, that might be a healthy option for you.

Seriously, I would much rather you incorporate shakes into your daily eating routing than the drive-thru junk most of America is eating.

Now, if you’re somebody who knows how to eat healthy, enjoys whole, unprocessed foods, and finds the time to cook them… then I’m not sure what you’re doing chugging down protein shakes.

Eat Whole Foods In Place of Shakes If You Can

Especially when current research (2018) shows a negative effect on the gut microbiota of endurance athletes when using protein supplements.

They decided to specifically study athletes because most of them are consuming protein powders to meet their protein requirements for training. The research found that a slight increase in protein intake — as much as just 20 grams of protein supplements in these athletes — decreased healthy promoting bacteria.

At the end of the day, it’s exceedingly important to stress that there must be a balance. Eating “foods” marketed to us as healthy (but clearly processed) VS eating whole, natural, unprocessed foods. Real food.

For much more on this topic, like:

  • Why I would never promote supplemental products back in the day (even when they were my life)
  • How, for many, the selling, promotion, and consumption of these products might be their sole source of income
  • When, if ever, you should drink a shake or take a supplement that’s been marketed as healthy?
  • The latest science on shakes you’ll find at GNC or the local vitamin shops — including those which are being marketed to you buy reputable network marketing organizations
  • If I currently drink protein shakes, pre / post workout supplements, and BCAAs
  • Why you must listen to your body
  • The process behind the making of protein powders
  • Why you might have an insensitivity to protein powders (and its side-effects)
  • How/why inflammation stalls weight loss
  • If protein shakes, protein cookies, protein bars are allowed in the 131 Method

Then YOU MUST listen to my hot, trendy, and recent podcast on The Chalene Show, “Are Protein Shakes and Workout Supplements Healthy” NOW! Leave a comment below and tell me your protein shake story!


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  1. Well, I agree to you on that fact that protein shakes are not suitable for everyone. But when someone takes only just junk food that can protein supplements to maintain protein consumption in their daily foods.

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