Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Social Media Basket

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Putting all your eggs in one social media basket is about the riskiest thing you can do. Shoot, depending on ANY social platform as your sole connection with lifers is the most foolish way to run your business/grow your brand.

Putting all Your Eggs into One Social Media Basket is the Riskiest Thing You can Do

Here’s a scary stat for you:

There are over 2,200 cyber security attacks every single day, according to Security Magazine. Do the math and that breaks down to one cyber security attack every 39 seconds.

That’s insane.

Want another scary statistic? There are around 160,000 accounts hacked every single day on Facebook.

Oh, and by the way, in the time it took you to read the opening of this blog… another cyber security hack just took place.

Eventually, one day we will all:

  • be hacked
  • lose access to social account(s) and internet
  • experience computer/devices/drives crashing

Hence, the theme of this blog today…

Not only can you get hacked or wrongfully disabled at any time, but

  • your account can be deleted
  • algorithms will change
  • you could wake up one morning to Instagram closing up shop

Think about that. Let’s imagine that while you’re reading this, Instagram suddenly decided,

We’re done!

Well, you might lose access to all of your followers that you’ve spent weeks or months or maybe even years growing.

And so, if all of your eggs are in that one social media basket, that’s a very frightening position to be in.

Putting All Your Eggs in one Social Media Basket is Precarious

It’s even scarier to be in that position when the basket that’s holding all your eggs is something you don’t own. Because, bottom line: you don’t own your Instagram followers.

Truth alert: You don’t even own your Instagram account. Basically, you’re operating on borrowed land. You’re leasing out your:

  • Instagram account from Instagram
  • Platform on TikTok from TikTok
  • Twitter followers
  • YouTube subscribers

So, to take this metaphor even further and make it even more precarious…

You’re not the one who is holding the basket, but, rather, trusting someone else to hold the basket. Talk about taking a gamble with your livelihood.

Looking for a few recommendations on how to spread out those eggs?

For that, and why it’s freaking imperative to build your email list, check out this episode of Build Your Tribe:

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