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This week’s Snapshot comes to you right after one of the best holidays ever, Independence Day! Did you have tons of fun eating / drinking / partying / dancing with friends and family? I hope so! But, also, it’s important not to forget the meaning behind the celebration – our great nation’s birth. We’re so blessed to be living in a free country, and that is something that should never be taken for granted. Greatness doesn’t happen over night. Whether we’re talking about countries or individuals. It takes time to develop. Which is why I’m choosing to focus on your personal development in ALL chats today! We’re beginning with how to be on time, then segueing into the #1 reason you may not be a success, and closing with the secret sauce to making difficult decisions! Here’s to YOU!

Personal Development Chat – How To Be On Time

Research has shown that people who are always late, on average, underestimate how long it takes for time to pass by as much as 40% off the mark. But it’s not because late to the party peeps don’t value other people’s time.

Look, I’m not going to bore you with all the science, but it all comes down to this:

The prefrontal cortex (responsible for decision making) doesn’t function as clearly in the brain for those who are chronologically late as it does for those who are punctual.

But don’t let that discourage you!

Everyone has the potential to improve this area of their brain and adopt the habit of punctuality. One of the ways I was able to do so, is featured in the following video!

I’m obsessing over what you just saw in the clip! It’s really helped change the tardy game for me. If you’d like one of your own, I GOT YOU! 

Oh! And so many of you have told me that my recent podcast on this topic of lateness has already begun to change lives. This seriously makes me so happy! If you haven’t heard it yet, you’ll find it HERE!


Personal Development Chat – #1 Reason You’re Not A Success

Doesn’t it seem that most successful individuals have very similar habits? Whatever they’re upbringing or wherever they went to school or whoever they’re friends with or whichever company they work for.

If all these people winning at life share comparable traits, then wouldn’t it seem MORE people would be borrowing these skills and killing it, too?!

Especially with thousands of books and podcasts and blogs and YouTube videos and seminars and TED talks all teaching us HOW to crush all aspects of life.

But, not so much. Most people – as sad as it is to admit – won’t achieve the goals in life they dream of. Why is that?

We all know the common (and always talked about) culprits: fear and consistency. They are legit, for sure! But there is ONE skill that, in my opinion, even outweighs those bad boys. What is it and HOW can you ace it to achieve the life you dream of? Well, HIT THAT PLAY, girl!

To really and truly master the skill mentioned in the vid, and finally live the life you were meant to, Click Here! I’m telling you, this is by far one of my most popular courses of all time! #GameChanger


Personal Development Chat – The Secret Sauce To Making Difficult Decisions

Speaking of podcasts, I just did one on The Chalene Show, titled: Too Much On Your Plate? Eliminating Stress When There’s Too Much To Do & Too Little Time. You should take a listen because you’ll hear me getting super personal about a recent hurdle in my life. Also included, the step by step process I continue to use for conquering hard decisions. And how you can, too.

Let’s touch on one MAJOR example here…

Think back to the last time you’ve battled with a difficult decision to make. Maybe you’re in the middle of it right now. You’re feeling:

  • Off
  • Upset
  • Confused
  • Unhappy
  • Stressed

Okay, whenever I experience moments like this in my life, I pull out my priority clarity statement. That’s all it takes. Now, you’re wondering, what does this “statement” even look like?

Well, some questions to ponder…

  • What are my boundaries (things I won’t do)?
  • What are the things that matter most to me?
  • How do I assess my own happiness?
  • What are the things I have to remind myself are not important?

I’m not kidding, absolutely every single possible decision you’re trying to work through is made clear as a bell when contrasted with your statement. And, more importantly, you will feel good about it.

To make the process even easier for you, I’m going to elaborate on one of those questions (re: boundaries) in this next video…


Hey, leave a comment and tell me your fave chat of the week!

Again, hoping your holiday week has been awesome!

Until next time…




2 responses to “Snapshot | How To Be On Time”

  1. I really needed the info about how to be on time. It’s my biggest struggle, and most definitely not intentional. I will be listening to the podcast for even more help – thank you!!! Also, I love that you’re from the Midwest! I’m a Wisconsin Lifer!

  2. I like the one with the podcast. It sent a link to your blog where I can listen to it. I don’t have an Iphone so sending me to Itunes doesn’t work (Twitter). I still look it up on my podcast ap. Thanks Chalene you help me to want to do something and something is an improvement however small it may seem to be.

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