Why Being Busy Is Nothing To Brag About

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Podcast Feature Of The Week: How To Get Your Significant Other To Make Some Changes

This was recorded at our latest Chalene Show Live at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills. In this episode, Bret and I sit down in front of the audience for a little Q&A. We tackled all the most common questions in regard to how to get your significant other to make some changes. We’ll explore many areas of life, such as: therapy, health and fitness, personal development, working together, and parenting, etc. Bret, as you can all imagine, was in rare form on this night! But to be honest, I probably set myself up by asking him, “How do you handle all of this?” (meaning, me). Oh boy!


And I’m obsessing over the interviews featured this week on The Chalene Show & Build Your Tribe. I KNOW you will love them, too:


Why Being Busy Is Nothing To Brag About

I’m on a vacation with all kinds of unexpected and unplanned twists and turns and this is Joy! This is PEACE! Peace – is doing less and living more! I’m living life and it’s peaceful.

Sometimes being busy feels good. Being busy used to make me feel important. I had to learn (through therapy and the uncomfortableness of doing nothing) that I am valuable.

I used to feel worthless if I was just chillin’ or if I wasn’t making money for others. I gave money away as fast as I made it. I didn’t feel like I deserved it myself and relieved guilt I had by giving it away — then busting my ass to make more. 

I don’t need to prove ANYTHING to ANYONE!

Today, I empower a team. I let my money AND my team make the money. I don’t need credit. They deserve it all! They are the magic!!! I love you, TEAM JOHNSON.

I am valuable because of who I was made to be, not because of the activities I do or how much money I can make for someone else.

My worth does not depend on how busy I am or who knows my name. I am worthy because I am a child of God. I am worthy because I am kind and I focus on doing what is right for others, — but for my family first. I am worthy because I am allowing God’s purpose for my life to guide me.

Today, I have peace. Drop a comment down below if you feel me!

Here are some little snippets from the trip I had up on Stories this past week. I was mostly off the socials, but I always try and do my best to show a little inspiration. Because if showing my adventures inspires others to reach higher, then that is the best gift I could possibly give.

And how could you NOT want to know Bret’s ONE issue with the French Riviera and his murky memory of our first date…

Sending love and light from a whole other side of the world! I miss you and love you.




3 responses to “Why Being Busy Is Nothing To Brag About”

  1. Thank you for the reminder that our worth as humans is simply because God calls us His Beloved. And that is enough.

  2. Oh Chalene, you are so right!

    Our worth comes from a loving Father, who sent His son for us. Its not what we do, but what was done for us on that cross! Let’s just focus on that today ; )

    When we listen and focus on God’s purpose for our life, we honor Him and bless those around us.

  3. Bravo. We are Human BEINGS…not human DOINGS!
    FINDING AWARENESS OF OUR SOUL & TRUE connection to God’s world and will can only be found in the silences.

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