Coronavirus Crisis Mode For Your Business

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As Seen On Facebook: Sequestering Silliness, What Amazon is Not Running Low On and Torturing Your Friend For Fun

You know how people always say, “there’s just so much going on in the world right now!”?  Like, all the time. Since you were born, right? And it’s always been true. There’s always stuff happening. But now, it’s gotten real. Total crisis mode and everyone I know feels it.

Before we get into all of that and how to cope during this time, I’d like to begin your Snapshot with a little levity. If you’ve been following me on the socials for even a minute… then you’re fully aware I’m always bringing the funny. Even if it’s at the expense of a (now former) dear friend…



As Seen on IG Feed: #1 Way To Keep Yourself Strong — Mentally and Physically — During Times of Uncertainty

Has your schedule been disrupted? Has your routine been flipped on its head? I’m guessing… just a little!

Look, EVERYONE needs to do this one thing. And I do mean everyone! Moms and Dads — you can blame me! This must go into effect immediately and it works! Let’s stop sharing fear and start sharing immediate actionable tactics that improve our lives. Watch the video, send this blog to your bff , and consider your good deeds done for the day!


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Allow me to gingerly drop this here…

The best in the biz tool for planning your everyday life is still your PUSH Journal! Now that your schedule has opened up a bit or a lot, you may finally find yourself with time for goal setting. Whether it be nutrition or finances or faith or fitness or whatever YOU need to prioritize right now! Just sayin’.

And I’ve just been told my team was able to drop down to 25% off starting today, the 20th! Use code: LIELOW

I wouldn’t wait on these sexy things!


As Heard on Build Your Tribe, Podcast Feature This Week, Coronavirus Crisis Mode for Your Business

The next few episodes of Build Your Tribe will not be focused on Social Media. Instead, you’ll find me — along with Bret and Brock — dedicating time to your business questions and concerns amidst the craziness and uncertainties during the Coronavirus crisis. Topics like: what you need to do with your small business and/or the business you were just starting up, the economic impact trickling down on people in all types of businesses (including online), delaying projects and payments, etc.

On this week’s pod highlight, I’ll share my candid thoughts and advice on what we should all be focusing on — right now — during this uneasy and surreal time. And I want to remind you to stick with us because we’re going to get you through this!


Other podcast gems this past:


As Seen on IGTV: 5 Big Instagram Story Mistakes

Instagram users are 7x more likely to see feed and story posts from you when you actively show up in their stories! But get it wrong, and your stories could be the reason your Instagram has turned into a ghost town.

So, are you making one of these 5 Mistakes on your Instagram stories?

PS… If you’d like to have a template for your Instagram stories… be sure to watch to the end!


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Words can’t express my gratitude for you. Bret and I, every day, thank God for the most loyal Lifers in the world!

You and me, we can get through anything. Together.




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