Coronavirus Money Moves: How To Make Fast Cash During The Crisis

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My blogs, right now, are solely dedicated to the Coronavirus crisis. So, are my podcasts and the majority of my content on social media. This world pandemic will have — and is already having — a major impact on the tribe you’re building and the actions you need to take.

And I want to be here for you to help walk you through it.

Helping You Make Money During Coronavirus Crisis

For millions and millions, most urgent on the list of priorities is making money quickly. It is estimated today that businesses in the US alone are going to be three trillion dollars in debt. This isn’t doomsday folklore from someone’s dad; it’s coming from the top economists. You can’t just try to pretend things will get back to normal. Even when they do… it’s a long way away.

What you must figure out is the direction you’re going in first, how to manage risk, and how that all relates to making money fast while Coronavirus insanity is real.

Where you probably don’t want to get your quick money:

  • Cashing in your 401K
  • Selling all of your assets
  • Bank loans

So, here are examples of things you can do TODAY — if you’re in an urgent situation — and need some fast cash ASAP!

#1: Sign up to become a freelancer.

You can do this on any number of sites. In fact, just go to Google and type freelance work in the search bar. Ideally, once you’ve signed up on one account, it’ll be easy for you to sign up on other accounts. The key, I think, is for you to just focus on the bigger ones. And they would include:

Now, some of these are just places where you can list your services. I don’t know what your services are, but you’ve got some. I promise you that.

For example, if you know how to use Instagram, you can offer your services as someone who’s liking photos or monitoring comments.

Becoming A Freelancer During Coronavirus Can Help Bring in Money Fast

#2: Get the word out to people that you’re available.

I know what you’re thinking, “Well, no one’s doing anything so, therefore, there are no jobs!”

Sorry, wrong number. There are people everywhere who need help with a variety of things — especially with the Coronavirus taking over our everyday lives.

Get on your social media and say, 

Hey! If anyone…

  • Is looking for someone who has a truck
  • Needs help watching their kids
  • Would like someone to organize their garage
  • Could use a dog walker

…then I’m your guy or gal!

Your services, by the way, could turn into something that could very well end up being a lucrative business you never anticipated (which you might happen to love).

#3: Private training online or in person (safe distancing).

All of the local gyms are closed and people are losing their minds. Of course I know there are online workouts you could stream. Great, but I’m not trying to teach you how to work out right now. This is about making money during the Coronavirus, people!

If you know how to design your own work out for you, then you’re ahead of the game. There’s no reason for you to be a certified personal trainer. You don’t have to be an expert. It just takes ability and drive. Tell people you’re going to be their workout accountability partner, or paid fitness partner, or fitness coach. Get together a small group outside and make people stand at least six feet apart — where it’s perfectly safe.

Or, why not stream your workouts?

Offer Online Fitness Workouts To Make Money During Coronavirus

These are desperate times, and if we’re talking about keeping food on your table and toilet paper in the loo… you do what you need to do because you’re a fighter.

Seriously, though, this blog would be pages and pages long with all the ideas I have for you. So, you MUST check out the Build Your Tribe podcast below where I do exactly that!






And make sure you’re subscribed to BYT for weekly financial tips — whether you’re just out of college or a seasoned pro with several of your own businesses! Coronavirus or not, I always got you!

Speaking of which, my PUSH Journals have started to really fly off the shelves during Coronavirus crisis mode. I created these to help keep you on point with your daily plan and productivity! People seem to need them now more than ever! And that does my heart good.

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