Coronavirus Crisis: How To Stay Positive During The Coronavirus

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Every day our lives continue to change with updates on the Coronavirus crisis. As I write this, Orange County — where I live — is on lockdown. And so are my friends and family in many places around the world. This is getting real.

Now, I’m not much of a worrier. What I do worry about, though, is people worrying (if that makes sense).

So, I’d love to provide some perspective on the crisis and, hopefully, give you some reasons as to why and how you should remain positive at this surreal time in our lives.

Finding The Positive During The Coronavirus Crisis

Tip 1: Believe in a higher power.

I encourage you to embrace a higher power. I’m certainly not going to push my religion on you, but it’s such a great calming feeling to know I don’t have to stress about anything because it won’t do any good.

Yes, it’s incumbent upon me to plan, but when things don’t go as I had intended, relying on a source greater than myself is freeing. 

Tip 2: The blessing of connection.

I’m reaching out to people more than ever before and they are to me. I may not show up in person, but I observe that my heart is softer, and I’m definitely more gracious to people. It seems to me this change will last long after the Coronavirus crisis has stopped.

Tip 3: More time.

For the majority us in sequester mode, we finally have the time we’ve been needing to:

  • Find faith
  • Create that course
  • Learn a language
  • Talk with loved ones
  • Start a side hustle
  • Pick up a new instrument
Pick Up a New Instrument During The Coronavirus Crisis

For much more on this topic, including…

  • How I discovered I don’t have the worry gene
  • Why this time — more than ever — reiterates what I’ve been teaching for years
  • My declutter challenge
  • Examples of blessings in my (personal and work) life during this time of chaos
  • How negative thoughts grow and how to stop them

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I’m not slowing down during this crisis, friends! There will be no pre-recorded or scheduled content at this chaotic time. I want to stay connected with you, daily, and respond to what you’re currently going through, provide solutions and give support!

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