Why Coronavirus Won’t Hurt My Biz

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As Seen on IGTV, How I Take And Edit Photos For Instagram Using My iPhone

Regardless of the number of photo shoots I’ve done… I still find it very awkward to have someone else take my photo. My husband would happily volunteer but let’s just say he’s better in the kitchen than he is behind the lens.

In this video, I share how I shoot and edit creative, fun photos for Instagram! Let me know in the comments below what phone tips you’d like to see next!


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As Seen on Facebook, Why We Only Eat Grass-Fed / Grass-Finished Beef

The type of animal protein you consume is SO important to your health. That’s why when I started 131 Method, I wanted to find a company that made grass-finished meat conveniently available for our community.

Cue: ButcherBox!

It’s where we at the Johnsons get all of the animal protein we consume!

Their beef is grass-fed & finished, and hormone / antibiotic free. In addition to their pasture-raised beef, they also source free-range organic chicken, Heritage breed pork and wild-caught Alaskan sockeye salmon. And, you never pay for shipping!

Thanks to BB, I never have (or, let’s be honest… Bret never has) that last minute dinner panic!

I honestly can’t say enough about how much I love and trust them.

Anyway, the other night, Bret made us a delicious dinner that featured their steak. I seriously couldn’t believe the flavor and texture… so I had to share!


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that ButcherBox is currently doing one of their most unbelievable promos of 2020! Free Ground Beef For Life in EVERY FREAKING BOX for new customers! I wouldn’t wait on this one, people!


As Heard on Build Your Tribe, TikTok For Business

TikTok for business, yes or no? I say 1000% yes! In this week’s pod feature, I’ll explain why the current super young demographic on TikTok doesn’t matter — AT ALL — and shouldn’t dissuade you from taking the app seriously. If you haven’t already, you need to download TikTok immediately and just watch for now. It’s growing out of control, and after you start scrolling… you’ll understand why.


In other podcast gems:


As Seen On Stories: Why Coronavirus Won’t Hurt My Biz

With all that is happening in the world right now, I think it’s more clear than ever that having a Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 job — at a brick and mortar or corporate gig — isn’t always the most secure thing. While this moment in time is a crazy extreme, your everyday job is never exactly safe, is it?

Whether you’ve been working for the same lovely people for 10+ years or not, your bosses might decide to sell, the company could go out of business, your supervisor all of a sudden no longer needs your position… you just never know!  

But none of this would be an issue if you’re doing what I’ve been teaching for years. Check out what I mean in this week’s headlining video…


Get on the waitlist for MIA and join the community of thousands who have created lives on their terms!

Despite what everything you’re watching may be telling you, I truly hope you get out of the house this weekend and do something fun! And support your local businesses! It’s so important!





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  1. Where will we go to find out how to join the business/financial class that Chalene was talking about her and Brett offering in the near future – not the goal setting lives but the new info she was talking about this past week in one of the corona virus podcasts – thanks for your help…
    Lisa G.

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