Snapshot | Oops! You’re Dieting Wrong

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Plus! How To Inspire Change & Why Daily Planner Apps Ruin Productivity!

Go to Google (after you read this week’s Snapshot, of course), type in “diet,” search under “news” – and you’re going to find over 142 MILLION results! Many of which are from studies. Oh boy, do we love our studies! And what are the headlines saying this month? Well, you’ll find why a low-carb diet means a shorter life span, how the Mediterranean diet can help prolong your life, and that most dairy products (specifically, cheese and yogurt) are now found to protect against death from any cause.

Are you throwing your hands up in frustration? Yeah, thought so.

That’s why today’s featured chat is about diets! Get ready, because I’m about to drop some truth bombs! The remaining talks are wrapped around your personal development… because I love you. Plain and simple.


Health Chat – Oops! You’re Dieting Wrong 

The problem with the vast majority of diets is that they rely on ONE system. A singular plan that tells you how / what to eat. Whether it’s popular – short-lived – fads, like: the Grapefruit diet, Cabbage soup diet, and the Cookie diet. Or those that have hung around, becoming a lifestyle for many, like: Atkins, Paleo, and Gluten-free. However, what ALL these “health plans” fail to realize is that our bodies are simply NOT meant to abide by one way of eating.

This is, I PROMISE YOU, the reason you’re never fully satisfied with how you look and feel!

What we need to be doing is… phasing. Wondering what that means? How to do it right? Don’t worry! I got you, boo:

Will you accept the challenge stated in the video?! Listen, if you’re looking to finally understand your body, get healthy from the inside out, and shed that excess weight for good… sign up for our newest 131 Method Cycle! Begins in just a few days on Monday, the 17th!


Running IconPersonal Development Chat – How To Inspire Change (Running Update!)

Dude, you can’t go onto any social media platform these days without suffering repeated positivity whiplash. You know what I’m talking about, right? All the quotes and images and videos dedicated to you becoming a better YOU. Look, I’m guilty of it myself from time to time! Nonetheless, we’ll never truly be our best selves by reading an affirmation or whatever. We must put in the work. And be persistent about it. From learning a new language to starting a business to fitness to cooking.

All that said, I think there’s definitely an element most people forget. It’s something I was recently reminded of during my journey back to running. And it’s THIS that really gets you on the road to success! You’ll have to watch till the end of the video to know what exactly I’m speaking of, lifers!



Checklist and headPersonal Development Chat – Why Daily Planner Apps Ruin Productivity

I’m a girl who is religious about her planning! Ever since I can remember, I’ve crafted my own homemade goal-setting binders – overflowing with all kinds of sections. Divided by priorities, time-lines, colors, and doodles! The reason being… I was never able to find a planner that fit my needs. Therefore, I had to always come up with the perfect method to ensure I accomplished my goals. Eventually, it became (what you know as) the PUSH Journal!

Since the advent of apps, though, things have become trickier. While we now have exponentially more ways to achieve our goals… there is, unfortunately, a crucial element left out of the equation. Here’s why you’re not winning if you’re solely depending on an app to make your dreams come true:


To turn YOUR dreams into reality, pick up your very own set of PUSH Journals HERE! 250,000 people have changed their lives with this one easy breezy system! #MindBlown

Have the best weekend ever, mmmkay?




2 responses to “Snapshot | Oops! You’re Dieting Wrong”

  1. With the 131, is it possible to share the system with your significant other? Or do you have to purchase 2 plans? And if you have to purchase 2 seperate plans does this mean we’ll have 2 seperate menus?

    • You can totally purchase one per household!
      And re: meal plan. It depends. You may use the same meal plan unless you both have different dietary restrictions. In that case, I recommend two different meal plans. But most couples tend to use the same meal plan.

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