Divorce, Anxiety, Racism and Covid

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As Seen on IGTV: My Personal PiYo Practice

I’m hereby announcing that I’m committing to my personal PiYo practice!

Sometimes we need to take our own advice. And, for me, that means scheduling my PiYo workouts. I’m stronger than ever, but in order to take my overall health to the next level, I have to prioritize the ONE workout that delivers everything to me in one session. With, by the way, the extra added bonus of making me feel calm

Update: I happen to be working on new PiYo workouts as part of the BeachBody Virtual Summit in July! 

P.S. — some of what you’re about to watch in the video below is just me messing around at sunset. But I’d love to know which moves are your favorite and which ones you’d be happy to have me leave out. Be careful, though. This could be a trick!


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DIVORCE is hard. MAKING it work is hard. It’s all hard.

This week a very well known couple in the personal development space announced their split to millions of bewildered social media followers.

Immediately I started receiving messages from people expressing their outrage. They wanted assurance that Bret and I are “as happy as we appear.” I heard things like, “I feel duped by their divorce,” “Please tell me a long happy marriage is possible,” or “why would they have lied?”

Let me be clear. The reality of our relationship doesn’t prove or disprove anything.

We’ve been married for 25 years, but we’ve been on the brink of disaster more than once in our marriage. AND yes, we put on a good front for friends, family and co-workers during those tough times. We did so not to “fool” anyone, but because we needed the time and space to figure out what in the heck we needed to do to fix us. 

ONLY after we did the hard work on ourselves, and then our marriage and a lot of therapy, were we able to talk about it. We were lucky. Sometimes the damage is beyond reparation. Sometimes only one partner wants to do the work.

I get it. We all want a model. But a model is but an imperfect guide. The issue isn’t about what these people “owed” to their fans. The problem starts when we idolize individuals. 

No one knows the whole truth when couples split — sometimes that includes the couple! I know it hurts. It makes us angry when our Guru’s aren’t who we thought they were. I’ve been on both sides of that mistake. Years ago I learned the painful lesson that even role models are flawed. I was mad at myself for “missing the signs.” But only God’s glory is perfect.

Pedestals — are an unstable foundation on which to place our trust. 

Role models are great! They can provide inspiration or guidance, but they should never become your moral compass or “proof.” As hard as it is to accept, even the most perfect of people are capable of disappointing us. But we are ALL equally capable of forgiveness. We are human. We sin. We falter. We are imperfect. 

I am so incredibly grateful to have every single day with Bret — even the imperfect days. But ultimately it’s God’s love that completes us. What are your thoughts? Tell me in the comments!

This topic — among so many other pressing topical issues today — prompted your podcast highlight this week… 


As Heard on The Chalene Show, Podcast Feature of the Week: Overthinking, Divorce, Anxiety, Racism and Covid

Knowing something for certain makes all of us feel secure. Well, 2020 has been full of change and total unpredictability — leaving many with a constant feeling of uncertainty. Millions of jobs lost, several high profile couples divorcing, protests and conversations around race and inequality consuming the country. Not to mention, Covid-19 still lingers and there’s no real end in sight. All of this has taken a huge toll on us as individuals and as a nation… leading to record breaking numbers of depression. In this episode, I’ll address all of these topics and share tips that’ll help you cope with immense change.


Other podcast gems this week…



What You Can Expect From My Social Media

If you listen to the pod above about narcissism and echoism, you’ll learn a lot (if I do say so myself) about how people are handling their social platforms in 2020. For me, as you have most likely seen, I’ve definitely added my voice to many conversations. Whether it’s the recent Supreme Court decision on Title VII or the myriad posts and podcasts I’ve done in recent weeks on race relations in our country.

It certainly can be a slippery slope. So, I went on Stories to give a little PSA on the intent behind all of my posts…


Thanks so much for reading all the way to the end. I love you the most! And hey, all you dads out there… have the BEST Father’s Day ever! You are loved. You are needed.




4 responses to “Divorce, Anxiety, Racism and Covid”

  1. This is such good wisdom, Chalene. Thank you! We shouldn’t look to other people for perfection. That’s unfair to them and unfair to ourselves bc it indicates a belief that we mortals are capable of perfection and we must therefore be holding ourselves to that same expectation. I love your humility. So needed right now. Thank you for your honesty and for speaking up. I love you more every year of following you!

  2. I truly appreciate your honesty and willingness to share!
    I so love the new piyo workout!!
    You are so right when it comes to being married! Yes- ultimately it’s God’s love that completes us.
    Thank you!!!! God bless you and your family!!

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