When You Feel Calm Around Someone (And Why It Matters)

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If I were to give you a moment to reflect and think about one individual who has the ability to calm your storms, does anyone come to mind? Whether it’s someone you know in real life or a podcaster or an influencer or an author or a pastor or a speaker or whomever. More likely than not, this person is someone who:

  • Has a very calm and authoritative voice for you
  • Understands you
  • Settles your energy
Having Someone In Your Life Who Brings Calm To Your Storms Is Paramount
Maybe it’s someone in your life who doesn’t even know they have this affect on you.

Who This Person Is For Me

Her name is Noel. She has done my makeup on just a few occasions, but there is something about her energy that really makes me feel calm. And usually, when I’m about to go on stage or do an important video message — which may require somebody else doing my makeup — my brain is all over the place. There’s a good chance there’s a storm brewing inside.

In those moments, to be honest, I don’t even want to talk to someone. I just want to be around energy which centers me.

Hence, this person may not be someone who uses the right words to calm you. But rather, oftentimes (depending on what you need), their energy makes you feel calm.

Every one of us needs that person who:

  • Makes the day look brighter
  • Recharges your energy
  • Allows you to vent and go crazy
  • Gives you perspective
  • Helps you be a better version of yourself

You’ve got that person in your life! Turn to her and recognize that she’s THAT for you. And if you don’t have such an individual, just know you can find her.

How Do You Find This Person Online?

The internet is a big place, my friends. Just search the feeling you’re looking for. It might be someone who practices meditation, Reiki healing or soul healing. It might be a pastor, Rabbi or spiritual healer.

Again, I don’t know who that is for you, but that person exists and it’s up to you — it’s your responsibility — to seek them out because you need them.

Why It's Your Responsibility to Find Someone In Your Life Who Brings You Calm

Finding someone who brings calm into your life is but one way to enhance your overall positivity. For additional actionable steps on adding serenity to your day-to-day life, check out The Chalene Show podcast below!

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