Snapshot | Why Emotional Eating Is Ok

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This weekend’s Snapshot arrives in August but takes us into September! And what does September bring? Just a little tiny thing like a whole new season! But I’m not quite ready for fall yet. Are you? No worries, though, we still, technically, have 3 weeks left of summer! As American poet and writer, Helen Hunt Jackson once expressed, “By all these lovely tokens, September days are here; With summer’s best of weather; And autumn’s best of cheer.” I’m 100% on board with that sentiment!

That said, with the fall comes colder weather. Which means, for many, more eating. The science may be conflicting as to why that is, but common sense suggests that increasing your calorie intake makes you feel warmer. I suspect, emotions will be the culprit for a lot of people, too. With the holidays in the not-too-distant future being a sore spot for many of us. Hence, let’s get you entering September right with a talk about why emotional eating is ok! Next up, a conversation that may seem too good to be true, but, alas, it’s not! I’m going to give you 300 hours of FREE life coaching! And we’re going to end with ONE tip that’ll fix your health problems plus help you lose weight. Ready, get set, GO!


Health Chat – Why Emotional Eating Is Ok

You’ve seen the headlines, read the blogs, heard the podcasts, and searched the books on Amazon: “Is Emotional Eating Bad?” – “How To Stop Emotional Eating” – “Why Can’t I Stop Emotional Eating?” “What To Replace Emotional Eating With” – and so on.

Basically, we’re inundated with messages about emotional eating – i.e., eating to placate negative emotions or fuel positive ones – that tell us it’s a serious problem.

But is it? Do we fully need to stop in order to have a healthy relationship with food?

TRUTH ALERT: Eating is freakin’ emotional.

Food isn’t solely meant for nutrition, energy, and perfect health. It runs deep in our life experiences, culture, DNA, and family. It has healing properties that come in the form of celebration, taste, and satisfaction. It brings pleasure almost without parallel. In other words, it’s not always about the vitamins it supplies. Sharing a meal is, perhaps, the most important (and historical) way in which we, as individuals, can connect and relate to one another.

Therefore… while emotional eating is forever criticized, I’d like to pose a question: What’s the alternative?

Eating like a robot, I guess. However, we are humans, dear lifers!

The key is to know WHY you’re eating WHAT you’re eating.

Personal Development Chat – Where Can You Get 300 Hours Of FREE Life Coaching?

What if the walls in your home need major repair? Are you going to call your BFF to get the job done? Or let’s just pretend you’ve been dying to learn Italian… would you ask your spouse to teach you? Ummm, probably not. Unless they just so happen to be adept in those specific fields.

So why is it common to depend on our friends, family, co-workers, and church community to help us accomplish very specialized personal goals? Things, like:

  • Finding career passion
  • How to follow through on constructive advice
  • Living a meaningful life
  • Finishing that project
  • Budgeting time

Why wouldn’t we seek a trained professional who is able to guide us in identifying our dreams? Offering the support necessary to ensure we take the appropriate steps to conquer our goals.

It seems to me that maybe, just maybe, we subconsciously don’t believe we’re deserving of seeing our dreams realized.

So, the next time you find yourself jealous of your girlfriend who recently shifted careers and is now living her best life… look within.

Well, what if I told you that I have 300 hours of FREE life coaching available to YOU!? It just might be what you’ve been searching for to get that ball rolling on the way to Success Road. Where can you find this unlimited and astounding resource???

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Health Chat – 1 Tip To Fix Your Health Problems PLUS Lose Weight

Does good health stem from the aspirin you take to cure that annoying headache? Not so much. A headache is your body’s way of alerting you that something isn’t quite right. That little pill you took just works as a disguise for the real problem. Did the band-aid you put on your finger magically patch up your skin? Nope. It’s your body that replaces the damaged cells and tissue on its own. Is NyQuil making your cold all better? Nah, it’s just another temporary cover up.

Don’t get me wrong! All the above mentioned “masks” serve their purpose… but, hopefully, you get the gist here. Good / strong health comes from the INSIDE.

In our modern age, where we have witnessed such amazing improvements in medical research and healthcare, in general, we have developed the habit of putting all of our faith in “get better” products. We expect a quick resolution to everything! From (seemingly) minor issues, like: the common cold, sunburns, and allergies. To major issues, like ongoing: constipation, joint pain, and inflammation.

Look, my life mission is to get you healthy. And to remind you there is only ONE way to do so. If any part of you is feeling unhealthy and off, you owe it to yourself hit that play…

For more on 131Method, GO HERE! Special limited time offer for Labor Day! Yasssss. Isn’t it time you felt your best?!

Let me know in the comments any thoughts you have about this week’s Snapshot. Comments have been growing on here and I really feel a community beginning to take shape. Let’s keep it up!

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Love you, mean it.




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  1. I just ate a bag of my favorite candy, red and black licorice, because I wanted to!! I know I’ll feel like crap later on and I am willing to deal with it WHATEVER!! Plus I know once I eat it all it will be gone and live out in the middle of nowhere so getting another bag is very unlikely. Over and done!! Thanks for validating the no shame in emotional eating every once in a while. Love you!!!!!

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