Snapshot | What Makes A Good Christian?

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Plus! Things We Find Gross (But Used To Love) & How To Get Perfect Boyfriend Jeans!

This week’s Snapshot is the first to arrive during Self Improvement Month (September) and you can be sure there will be lots of that happening around here! My goal in life continues to be getting YOU to live your best life. So, honestly, it might as well always be Self Improvement Month, if you ask me!

Today’s headlining chat happens to usher in the festivities perfectly with a frank talk about judgement – relating to religion, specifically. I hope it makes you think a second time.

And becoming a better version of yourself doesn’t just revolve around big-time topics, like (fancy word alert!) religiosity. Puh-lease! Clothes matter, too. So does soda. Long story, but you’ll see…


Personal Development Chat – What Makes A Good Christian?

It seems to me that judging others is counterintuitive. Why? Well, we often ask or hope or trust that others won’t judge us. Whether it’s our behavior or perspective in life. That said, there is no denying that we humans are constantly asserting our opinions on other humans. Silly humans, we are! But listen, it’s crucial that we look inside ourselves. I mean, really reflect. Like, where is our judgment even stemming from? I’ll tell you, 9 times out of 10… it’s never about who we’re pointing fingers at.

Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are.” Wayne Dyer

Look, differences should never be thought of as negative things. Rather, they were placed in our path to help us become better. Make us grow. This happens by questioning (and challenging) our own belief system – from religion to politics to favorite reality TV show.

Remember, no one else will ever think or act as you do… because there is only one YOU. So, please just be true to yourself.

Now, that is something I’ve always tried to be… just me. It doesn’t matter if it’s at home with family or plastered across social media. Take it or leave it. What you see is what you get. But, there’s ONE area of my life many lifers continue to take issue with: my faith. And what, you’re wondering, do I do that inspires this constant flurry of judgement in regard to my Christianity? Yeah, I figured you might be curious, so….



Personal Development Chat – Things We Find Gross (But Used To Love)

One of the great things about getting older is how we evolve as individuals. Whether it’s deep stuff (e.g., what we think about important issues) or trivial (e.g., taste in food). When you were a kid, didn’t it always seem adults were saying things, like:

  • The guys I found attractive when I was 19 were not the same guys I was into when I was 25.
  • I never liked olives but – all of a sudden – I came to love them!
  • The way I wore makeup back in the day is absolutely freakin’ frightening!

Bottom line: As the years roll on by, we change. And that’s a good thing! Who wants to stay the same forever?! #boring

Let me know in the comments anything you might’ve loved/hated years back, but, today, you’ve done a total 180 on it!

Piggy-backing on the last chat, we should always try our best NOT to judge others who, perhaps, haven’t evolved as we have. There’s no such thing as more right when it comes to a change of heart on whatever subject. Everyone has a different story that, ultimately, has made them who they are today.

We don’t have to agree, but as long as we TRY and be empathetic to different points of view… we’re winning.

Anywayzzzz, because I’m always keeping things real, you might find me in this next clip doing a little judging. Oops. But hey, I’m still growing. Aren’t we all?



Fashion Chat – How To Make Perfect Boyfriend Jeans

Ladies, pay attention: As stylish as they are comfortable, a pair of boyfriend jeans definitely deserves a spot in your closet. But while they’ve been crazy popular for years and years, I know many of you are wondering, “But Chalene, what the heck are boyfriend jeans?” Well, I’m glad you asked!

Borrowed from the boys, this particular jean cut is all about that slouchy, casual, free & easy, relaxed fit. You know, giving the impression they were made for him, but designed for you!

FACTOID: Marilyn Monroe (my legit fave icon ever!) started the BF jeans fever in the early 60s. In the movie, The Misfits, she wore loose-fitting Levi’s. She’s everything all at once: sexy, rugged, feminine, and practical. Up to this point, though, women didn’t buy jeans. But that all changed after my girl, Marilyn.

What’s cool is that as the decades have passed, boyfriend jeans have undergone new (and always changing) styles. Varying in degrees from slim-fit to tapered to baggy.

However! I do have an opinion (don’t I always!?) as to how these jeans SHOULD BE worn and HOW to do it yourself. This week’s fashion hack is one click away… 


Another week, another reason to be better. 10% is all I ask. Imagine if you tried to be 10% better EVERY week. Wow, now that would be something!

And I hope that maybe, just maybe, this weekly Snapshot might factor into your self-improvement journey. Even just a little tiny bit. That would make my day like nothing else!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Remember, I’m always listening.




4 responses to “Snapshot | What Makes A Good Christian?”

  1. Thanks for this enlightening, fun, and entertaining snap shot! You are amazing and I’m really impressed with how honest you are!! Very inspiring, and motivating for me to become a better person inside and out. I swear that you get younger looking every year! Chalene maybe you could share some beauty tips on your Skin care, make up, eyebrows, and lips. Also of course some anti aging great recipes.
    Thanks chalene you for all that you do are awesome!

  2. Love your workouts! Didn’t know you also had a blog with all this interesting information about life and Christianity..

    I am a Christian and the one thing that I have judged other Christians for in my first few years of being saved – my legalistic years – is doing yoga. And then I went through a rebellious stage with God and I started doing yoga. I was in the studio during my first yoga class doing downward dog and through my legs I saw the electricity box safety sign with a lightning bolt and I thought “This must be a sign that I shouldn’t be doing yoga.” But I carried on and fell so in love with yoga and looking back now I realize that it was the meditation part that got me hooked, so now I try to spend that same energy I learnt in meditation to draw near to God.

    So I have learnt that all different cultures have good things and wisdom we can learn from them and as Christians our hearts must be so steadfast that we will be able to shine God’s light wherever we are, even in the yoga studio.

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