My Fat Burning Coffee Recipe

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My Fat Burning Coffee Recipe

What I have for breakfast every day depends on how I’m phasing my diet at any given time. That said, there’s one staple that works for me whatever the season is! And that’s my fat burning coffee! To say that I’m addicted would probably be an understatement.

Bonus: I can do it totally on my own without Bret’s help, thank you very much.

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5 responses to “My Fat Burning Coffee Recipe”

  1. Nuton and Bullet proof brain octane- do you use both or are they the same thing?

    BTW- Love love love your TURBO Jam on BB on demand. Love the Blast and love the Sculpt especially!!

  2. Great for the first cup, but what about the next two, or three…. thanks for all you do. You’re entertaining and smart. Work from home and your workout videos are my lunch hour get away.

  3. Your recipe follows Dave Asprey’s recipe except he uses grass feed unsalted butter instead of the Almond Milk creamer. Do you think the benefits are equal. I am sure your recipe tastes better, but I wonder if the creamer alters the benefits. Thank you for your continual source of information. It is much appreciated.

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