Snapshot | How To Do Gel Nails At Home

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Plus! Why Our Purpose Is God’s Purpose

As much as Target tried to tell us the holiday season arrived in October (and available online in September!), I’m happy to inform that, for most, the holidays are officially here!

For some, the holidays are the happiest time of year. For others, it’s anything but. Regardless, it’s my hope that, for all those reading this, you hold onto the ultimate meaning of this time of year: joy and gratitude. That’s why I love Thanksgiving so much! It’s all about counting your blessings… so I hope you took a moment yesterday and did just that.

One of the key ways to raise your level of gratitude – which, in turn, makes you a happier person – is to jot down what you’re grateful for EVERY day.

If you’re like me, it’s easy to forget doing anything (lol) – unless you have a trigger. Well, for me that trigger is the PUSH Journal! And wouldn’t you know, it includes a daily reminder for noting what you’re grateful for!

But, dude! Listen… I’m freakin’ the freak out because I have a crazy Black Friday (TODAY!) Blowout on these game-changing journals!

50% OFF!

Seriously, we’ve never slashed the price this low before. It’s just really important to me that you go into 2019 way ahead of the game. Feeling and doing your best EVAH!

Enter special code BF2018 and grab yours before we run out!


Beauty Chat – How To Do Gel Nails At Home

Who doesn’t love a good manicure? This question doesn’t just apply to women. Did you know that 25% of men admit to having had a mani? Hey, I say, more buffed men the better. See what I did there? Buffed. As in nails. Never mind me. Must be all that turkey.

Heading to the salon for my Cardi B’s might be one of my fave ways to disengage! I’m instantly relaxed. I love getting to know people, so conversing with the beautician is always a treat. Or, sometimes, I disappear into a podcast or audiobook – using the time to self-educate.

But, let’s be honest, the time commitment and $ one has to shell out every week or two is a tad scary.

For salons in the U.S.:

  • The avg price for a manicure is $19.50
  • Pedicures avg $32.25

Meaning, if you’re clocking in a mani / pedi every 2 weeks, you’re spending well over $1,000 per year!

While I do believe we all deserve to pamper ourselves from time to time, it certainly might prove beneficial to try your hand (pun intended) at practicing this self-care at home! With a tiny investment and a sprinkle of effort, you can totes give yourself salon-style nails at your kitchen table!

Cue: My at-home gel nail tutorial! Let me know in the comments if you might give it a go! And stick around for the ending because I never said I was a pro… yet. But just you wait. Chalene’s Bon Qui Qui Salon will be a franchise any minute now – no matter how hard Bret objects.


Personal Development Chat – Why Our Purpose Is God’s Purpose

Search the word “purpose” in Amazon books and you’ll get over 60,000 results! Clearly, this is a super hot topic. Millions of people around the world are constantly searching for more, for better, for SOMETHING meaningful.

But the idea that we were each born with one thing that’s our purpose is erroneous, silly, and quite limiting. That’s why we get so caught up in asking ourselves: “Is this my purpose? Is that my purpose?” We’ve made such a big deal about the fact we have a singular life’s purpose, it’s no wonder people get freaked out about identifying the right thing to take action on.

So, when do you know you’ve found THE thing? You don’t. It’s something you step into. And it’s not for YOU, anyway. Let me explain….


With Thanksgiving and gratitude on the mind, allow me a moment to share how unbelievably grateful I am for YOU! Just ask Bret… I’m always talking about us.

You and me and me and you.

I’m constantly thankful you continue to allow me to be part of your life.

God bless.




3 responses to “Snapshot | How To Do Gel Nails At Home”

  1. Chalene…bless your heart…I love you girlfreind and I have never met you.

    I couldn’t agree more with you about stepping into our purpose. Bad stuff happens to everyone, it’s how we deal with it that makes all the difference. I found that when I was willing to get over myself, kill the pity parties, began being thankful, that something began to grow up in me.

    I love your weekly encouragements…still haven’t figured out how to listen to your daily podcasts, but look forward to your email every Friday…filled with great information, fashion, health, discipline.

    Love you and thanks for being a part of my life.
    Kathleen Dornn

  2. I truly enjoy your snaps #snapfam, podcasts & emails! If I’m ever researching something about business, life, health etc. I look for a podcast from you first!
    Thank you,
    A grateful lifer

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