How To Stop Quitting Everything

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Stop quitting! Those two words (can) mean the same thing when separated, but together they’re a directive many of us need to be told time and time again. Without the right habits in place, though, it’s absolutely meaningless how often someone instructs us to finish.

It took me years, but I formed habits that ensured I stop quitting. I’m excited to to share with you some of these strategies (I continue to keep in place today).

I trust they will make a huge difference in you reaching your finish line!

How To Stop Quitting Everything

The first thing: Be more selective about what you’re going to start.

Here’s something I want you to ask yourself…

Like honestly, am I going to be into this six months from now?

Because if it’s a project that takes six months – and you know yourself and you know you’re not going to be interested in it – then it’s probably not the right decision.

The second thing: Pick the right time.

Is this really a good time for you to get a puppy? Should you really be scheduling that vacation or starting a new project or having a baby or building a business?

Do you really want that much stress?

When you realize your ultimate goal is (or should be) to reach fruition, you have to consider the season. You must be able to devote enough time to growth.

The third thing: Set smaller milestones

One of the reasons we lose interest is we don’t feel that adrenaline rush. It’s exciting to cross the finish line! But if your end-goal is I want to lose one hundred pounds… that’s a ways off. You’re never going to feel the adrenaline of one hundred pounds gone. I mean, you are, but it’s so far into the future, you can lose the motivation, the mojo, that comes when you feel the box being checked off as you’ve reached that milestone. In order to stop quitting, set smaller milestones.

The fourth thing: Stop jumping.

You’re a jumper. And you know who you are. It’s those of you who constantly repeat the same vicious cycle…

I’m not feeling this anymore. It wasn’t really my style, anyway… so I’ll jump to that other thing and be successful!

These are the people who get really excited, like, overly excited about anything, and they start telling everybody about it. Then, something else grabs their attention and they jump.

The fifth thing: Put blinders on.

I hear so many leaders talking about networking, but I think there’s a season for networking. Right now, I can’t network. I want to spend time with you. But if I’m networking with really creative movers and shakers, people who are in the same industry, they’re going to make me feel that I, too, need to move and shake. And the truth is, I need to finish. I’m over the whole quitting thing.

So, I try to put blinders on when I’m studying something.

For example, I only listen to podcasts on that particular subject. When I truly need to finish something, I have to make sure, make certain, that I’m not spending any additional time on things which are going to distract me. I have to catch myself.

You, also, must learn to catch yourself when taking an interest in something that’s going to take you off your path.

The sixth thing: Define your finish.

What is your finish? Have you thought about it?

If you listen to me in social media, then you’ve heard me report on where I’m at in the different phases of writing the 131 Method Book. In my mind, I would only be finished when my ability to edit – anything – is over. Not when the book releases or when the manuscript is done… JUST when I’m told my job to make corrections on whatever revision is complete. That’s my finish and it has specificity. What is your finish?

The seventh thing: Make it messy.

This is for all my perfectionists out there. You just need to make it messy because that’s the only way it’s going to get out there. Let go of whatever perfectionism is taking hold of you. I know, I know… it’s not as easy as all that. Because of which, I’d highly recommend working on self-analysis (preferably through therapy) to figure out the root of your need to be perfect.

Listen, you’ll find pro-tips on each of the points above in my newest, hottest, and trending podcast on The Chalene Show, titled: Focus on the Finish! It’s riddled with super personal anecdotes, too. Including, how I went from quitting everything, like for reals – EVERYTHING – to a highly focused, productive, and balanced gal.

Start applying some of these tips, dear reader. Reread this list. Look at these suggestions. They’re habits. You don’t need to adopt all of them to begin making a huge difference in the things you were formally unable to finish. No more quitting. I love you.


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