How To Get Your Guy To Apologize

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As Heard On The Chalene Show, Podcast Highlight of the Week: Survival Guide For Extroverts and Introverts

While I’ve covered the topic of Introverts vs Extroverts in the past, our current climate has impacted all of us in ways we might never have anticipated. So, I thought this would be the ideal time to revisit this subject! I’ll provide tips on how to thrive during quarantine — wherever you fall on the introvert / extrovert spectrum!


Other podcast gems this week:


Go to, SIGN UP TODAY and collect your PENNY bottle! You read that right. It’s the only wine we at the Johnsons drink (and the first time in my life I don’t wake up with a headache after a glass of red).


As Seen on IGTV: New At-Home Butt and Thigh Burner Exercise

This isn’t a humble brag. Nope. This is a straight up Instagram-flex-bold-type of brag… I LOVE MY BUTT.

In the not so distant past, I thought it looked kinda flat. So, I decided to devote 3 days a week to lower body strength training. Here’s the deal, though — just because I want to improve something does not mean I don’t love what I have.

You can love your body, your personality, your relationships, your pets, and still want to improve things. It’s called growth. Just be optimistically realistic.

Anyway! Below, you’ll find one of my newest lower body workouts that REALLY gets the job done. Trust me, your booty will thank me! And the best part? No equipment necessary!

I dare you to give it a shot! Let me know if it’s much harder than it looks! And SHARE this with someone who will understand your not-so-humble brag!


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As Seen on IGTV: How To Get Your Guy To Apologize 

Not just apologize, but in a record .00032 seconds. Just sayin’.

We’ve been married 25 years. This is how you do it, ladies. Who do you relate to more in this scenario, me or Bret? 


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My hope and prayer is that all the mother’s out there have the loveliest Mother’s Day possible and that you’re able to be with your children — whatever that looks like for you in 2020. Virtually, phone, or maybe even in real life (6 feet apart, of course).

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