What Extroverts Need During The Lockdown

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While many of us have an idea as to whether we’re introverts or extroverts, I think our current upside-down times have really magnified where we fall on that scale. No one could predict how a worldwide pandemic might impact their energy — no matter how self-aware they might be.

Extroverts Couldn't Predict Their Reaction to the Lockdown

If you’re paying any attention to memes out there right now, it’s quite clear the consensus is that this is an idyllic time for introverts. For extroverts, though? Not so much.

Now, the assumption that all introverts are currently thriving and all extroverts are falling to pieces, might be an over-generalization, sure. I mean, there’s obviously a spectrum when it comes to personality types. 

Haven’t we all lost the ability to turn up or turn down whatever it is we get energy from during lockdown?

But still, all of that doesn’t negate the fact there are certain truths at play. And extroverts, in general, have taken a uniquely hard hit during Covid-19.


Well, extroverts are experiencing feelings they’ve never felt before. The majority tend to be people who are very busy, always on the go, constantly with other people and rarely by themselves.

And this has created a compound issue for them.

1) They’re not getting that energy fix. That thing that makes them feel alive and keeps them focused, engaged, happy and balances their energy.

2) There’s now an abundance of alone time where they’re now almost forced to think about themselves — look inward.

And when that happens, it can create anxiety and depression. The scariest part being that this new found pain is unrelated to the fact the extrovert isn’t around people, but rather a result of being face-to-face with demons from their past.

Busyness and a budding social life often provide a very effective distraction from unresolved traumas and/or difficult pieces from one’s past.

The Busyness Of Extroverts Usual Lives Provide Distractions To What May Be Going on Inside

So, what’s my most important and serious advice for extroverts reading this?

You don’t need to struggle unnecessarily.

If you had a toothache right now and it was causing you pain, you would call your dentist. Why are we so reluctant, then, to book a session with a therapist just to help us sort through these things?

For a deep dive on why most people don’t seek therapy about their struggles (in general, but especially at this time) and:

  • Examples of ways for extroverts to improve their energy in lockdown life
  • How to keep your mind active and stimulate creativity in quarantine

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