Why I Finally Love My Butt — “Acknowledge Your Progress” Challenge

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How To Know If Your Probiotics Are Working 

Probiotics might be THE success story in the supplement / health industry over the last several years. Which is crazy when you consider the fact that nobody was really talking about them 5+ years ago! No doubt this is thanks to good PR, increasing scientific support, and Americans, in general, adopting a healthier lifestyle. 

Just look what has happened in a few short years…

In 2012 the U.S. probiotic market = $950.2 million value
In 2017 the U.S. probiotic market = 2.263 billion value

Searching high and low to find probiotics is no longer a thing. Just head to your neighborhood WalMart and you might be good to go.

But not all probiotics are created equally. So, how DO yo know if the ones you’re taking are actually working? Well, it all comes down to a revolutionary new test. Let me explain because I need you feeling better than ever!

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Why I (Finally) Love My Butt — “Acknowledge Your Progress” Challenge

This isn’t a humble brag. Nope. This is a straight up Instagram-flex-bold-type of brag… I LOVE MY BUTT.

A year ago, I thought it looked kinda flat. I decided to devote 3 days a week to lower body strength training. I also decided to work on Rocco’s obedience training. Both have improved dramatically! Here’s the deal, though — just because I want to improve something does not mean I don’t love what I have.

You can love your body, your personality, your relationships, your pets, and still want to improve things. It’s called growth. Just be optimistically realistic.

I believe in my ability to improve all parts of me — but with grace. This doesn’t mean I make excuses. It means I’m a realist.

Rocco is 12. Hey, neither of us are puppies! A cucumber can never be a cucumber again. BUT you can choose what type of pickle you want to be and I’m going for crispy, sweet baby dill! 

So before you move on to the next thing you want to improve, I challenge you to acknowledge your progress OPENLY. Take the challenge! Tell me in the comments below how proud you are of your hard work! Whether it’s ongoing or you’re just about the start.

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Speaking of bodies and loving yourself… let’s segue into my featured podcast of the week…

Do You Have To Love Your Body?

Inspired by a recent super popular (one of our most downloaded ever!) episode of The Chalene Show. But hey, downloads and popularity don’t always translate to happy listeners. The controversial subject? Body acceptance. Today, I approach this topic from an angle you haven’t heard before! First, I’ll respond to the outpouring of feedback, both positive and negative (from the last episode). This includes setting the record straight about my workout videos and my own body image. Next, I cover the good and the bad surrounding our thoughts / feelings about our bodies and, not to mention, the messages we receive from the diet/health/fitness industry.


At the end of the day, it all comes back to confidence. And while I don’t mention it often, one of my most sought-after courses of all time has everything to do with that…


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Other pod highlights…

And just in case you don’t know…



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One response to “Why I Finally Love My Butt — “Acknowledge Your Progress” Challenge”

  1. I have been working out since I was about 17– but not consistently. My mom was diagnosed about 11 years ago with Alzheimer’s … I mean like out of blue, it was like a SUCKER punch to the GUT and scared me TO DEATH— knowing what we would be facing with her and then selfishly thinking how this diagnosis would effect me emotionally and PHYSICALLY…. my mom was THE BEST(she past away in Oct 2016)❤️ Anyway, I began to research and 2-3 years later I began to CONSISTENTLY work out and change my eating and drinking habits. Long story short I am PROUD of my hard work for a few reasons 1. After 30+ years of working out and having toothpick arms I finally have biceps and shoulder definition, 2. At 50, I am in the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE 3. And best of all I am setting a lifestyle example for my family—MY LIFE. And Chalene, you are an AMAZING MOTIVATOR!!! I hope to ONE DAY meet you in person!!! ❤️

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