Burnout: How To Avoid Social Media Burnout

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Burnout. It can happen in all walks of life, from business to education to parenting to diet. In today’s day and age, though, with the average person spending at least 2 hours a day on social media, one has to conclude that social media burnout is running rampant. And if you’re running your business on any one (or more!) of the social media platforms, then you must tread very carefully.

What is your promise to your audience on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, or wherever YOU happen to provide content most consistently?

Make Promises To Your Audience To Avoid Social Media Burnout

Recommendation: Make a commitment to do something for only a designated period of time. You can announce this publicly or just keep it to yourself. But YOU must know as it will determine your overall mindset and growth potential online.

The problem is so many people are, just, all in – thinking they’ll be able to post indefinitely. Their mentality is that of an ‘all-or-nothing’ mindset. And then when they experience burnout, rather than just cutting back, they quit altogether.

Think of it like a slingshot. In order to make a slingshot fly real far, or fly at all, really… you’ve got to pull it back a little bit first.

You need to be okay with not moving forward (in your business) from time to time. This is something we, as business owners, all experience. Giving yourself permission to pull back is a huge gift (you give yourself) for a long and successful run.

But an ever bigger gift? Knowing you may swap out your slingshot – i.e., business idea – for another when the time is right.

Another way to avoid burnout in social media? Specifically, in regard to selling…

Price your product at a price where it feels as if your customer is stealing from you.

Price Your Product Too Low To Stop Feeling The Burnout

If you’re selling a paperclip for $1,000 and talk about how it’s the greatest paperclip ever, it’s going to feel really icky selling that – because you know that’s not the truth. But if you’re selling a product that’s really worth $100 for, say, $67, you’re going to feel a lot more comfortable.

This is an excellent way to discover your niche!

See, many of us have purchased online courses we simply can’t get through. The memory of that sticks with us and, ultimately, guides us in our future purchases. I mean, my God, there are just too many courses out there with big ideas! And we just want to learn and become mini experts at everything, right?

What happens, though, is we realize that even if a course might be worth $5,000, we don’t buy it because we’re not sure we’ll ever actually finish.

But if you sell your course to potential customers at a price point that feels like a freakin’ bargain, no one is going to get down on themselves for not getting through it.

For instance:

  • Buy a $2,000 program and never use it = feel terrible about yourself.
  • Buy a $57 program where you walk away with 1 good tip = worth it.

Finding Your Niche Will Help With Social Media Burnout

To reiterate, when you sell something at an almost too reasonable price point, you’re going to avoid burnout, your customers will avoid burnout, and you will – involuntarily – find your niche.

This blog today covered a hybrid of 2 important topics (avoiding burnout through posting on social media and pricing your product low) from an overall conversation that included a plethora of subjects, like:

  • How to keep your schedule accountable to all your other priorities
  • How to identify want to’s, need too’s, and non-negotiables. AND why they need to be identified to achieve a balanced life.
  • What must be sacrificed to ensure a balanced life when growing your business

To listen to the super informative, fun, and enlightening conversation between Brock Johnson and I, check out our podcast, titled: Important Lessons for Your First Year of Business — HERE!

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