Snapshot | Makeup For Women Over 40

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Plus! How To Get Beautiful Skin, The Healthiest Nut You’ve Never Heard Of, & Why Dieting Is Bad For Metabolism!

This week’s Snapshot is dedicated to beauty. Yours, specifically. We’re going to get you looking and feeling fly (do they still say fly?) on the outside and inside! And what a perfect time of year for this conversation. The kids are just about back in school and you, dear mom, can finally focus on YOU. We’re starting things off with a makeup haul for women over 40, then a frank talk on how to get beautiful skin, followed by the healthiest nut you’ve never heard of, and closing with… why dieting is bad for metabolism. Because, again, beauty is just as much a feeling as anything else. And I need you feeling good, mmmkay?


Mascara IconBeauty Chat – Makeup For Women Over 40 | Makeup Haul

Ladies, as the years evolve, so should your makeup routine – changing as you change. But it seems to me… the majority of women get stuck in a makeup groove that began in their teens or 20s:

  • Mastering techniques that best enhance youthful features
  • Sticking with the same products and brands for years and years
  • Knowing exactly which days/hours of the week are dedicated to exfoliation

Yeah, been there. Done that.

But, the reality is our faces don’t stay the same forever. I mean, mine does. But most of yours won’t. (I kid, I kid!)

So – switching up makeup (and routine) to keep up with Father Time is instrumental if we’re truly looking to compliment our natural beauty.

Health IconHealth Chat – How To Get Beautiful Skin

Speaking of all things beauty… doesn’t it sometimes seem that the Universe plays cruel jokes on us girls when we need to look our best? Got a huge event – business dinner, wedding, or prom? Guaranteed you’ll wake up with a pimple on your nose or never-before-seen forehead rash. Rude!

Yes, makeup, as noted above, can be a huge game changer. But, ultimately, it’s a mask. Always covering up. In addition, you might find some luck with the crazy amount of face washes, anti-aging creams, and sunscreens that seem to hit the market on the daily. And let’s not forget our lovely CTMs: cleanser-toner-moisturizers. Oh my!

All that said, there is ONE ingredient missing from this mix that is most impactful to your healthy / radiant complexion! What is it? Well…

Hey, for reasons mentioned in the vid, when you follow 131 Method, one of the many amazing side effects is… glowing skin! Join me on this life-changing mission! Next cycle is about to begin on Monday, the 20th! Sign up now!


Health Chat – The Healthiest Nut You’ve Never Heard Of

Most people know that nuts are packed with protein, good fat, and an assortment of heart-healthy substances, like: omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, vitamin E, and others. They’re stupid  delicious and, in moderation, serve as a badass snack! That is why I’m legit freaking out over my newest find – which I’m dying to introduce to you! Why?

Ummm, they’re the healthiest on the market – with more fiber, protein, micronutrients than all other nuts –  and nobody knows about them yet. For reals. At this time, you can only get them at 1 place online. WHAT the WHAT.

By the way, did I mention these particular nuts have less calories and fat than almost all others!?

Is the suspense killing you? Yeah, I thought so. SIMMAH DOWN NAH and hit that play!

If you’re starting to salivate like Pavlov’s pup, GO HERE and enter “Chalene” for 15% off your first purchase! You know I always got you, boo.


Health Chat – Why Dieting Is Bad For Metabolism

You’ll find articles about diet mistakes and how it affects your metabolism, but what most people don’t realize is that diets – in general – are simply bad for your metabolism. How come?

Your body has its very own ‘comfortable’ weight. This is because we’re genetically wired to fight starvation. So, when you diet, there is a good chance your body is doing whatever it can to cling on to calories. It wants to get you back to your baseline. What’s worse? You’re going to feel even hungrier than usual as your body negotiates hard to persuade itself back to its ‘comfortable’ weight.

Hence, a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting and why you’ll find many studies claiming that 95% (plus) of those who start diets gain all their weight back and more.

Sadly, metabolism is just one factor of many that is worsened when attempting a diet plan. Does this mean, though, that you should never diet?

In today’s final chat, please allow me to elaborate… spreading some clarity on gut health, hormones, diet phasing, dieter’s mentality, mindset, etc., and how YOU can finally get your health back!


Look, if this last Snap didn’t get you on board with 131 Method, then I don’t know what will!

Let me know in the comments what I can do better or, if you like, what you’re digging about the weekly Snapshot. Always means the world to me!  

You’re beautiful. Just the way you are.




12 responses to “Snapshot | Makeup For Women Over 40”

  1. Love these beauty tips! As a 47-year-old, my skin is dull. I’m on 131 now and as I get in shape, I want to treat myself to new make-up so thanks for sharing! Next, can you PLEASE tell us how to get your beautiful eyelashes!

  2. Loved this Snapshot!!! Read the whole thing and looked at all the video clips.
    Learned about demand nuts from Darren Natoni”s IG stories. Thanks for the discount code!!!!!

  3. ‘IT’ brushes are THE BEST!!! Love all the products!
    ordered the nuts, why not!
    send some love your way, have a GREAT day

  4. Will 131, work while traveling? Within the next 12 weeks I will be on a Cruise then a tour in Europe for 18 days. Also one of the people who gave a testimony saying they had a thyroid issue but your cautionary list, lists Thyroid disease in it. I have hypothyroidism so I’m questioning my being able to use 131 safety. Without knowing your program, it is a concern since there is no refund if it’s not a safe fit for me. SOS.

  5. You need to start publishing your own magazine. I mean I need you to start publishing your own magazine ❤️

  6. Hey!! I really enjoyed your video. Thank you for that!
    I heard what you said about “grown-up ladies” doing make up tutorials, and although I’m not sure of her exact age I think that she would fit what you’re talking about! I’m almost 40 and was so glad to find her!
    Note: this is not promo. I’m a minister. LOL

  7. I agree with above comments, if you are looking for your next thing, it would be a magazine with all your tips about beauty, exercise, life lessons, etc. I could easily see you on the cover of the mag, like Oprah. 🙂

  8. Thank you for this reality check! You should check out Dominique Sachse. That is the name of her YouTube channel too. She is fantastic!

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