Snapshot | What Men Want (To Hear)

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Plus! The Best Bed Ever & Why It’s Important To Celebrate Success

The final full moon of the summer is just around the corner (Sunday, August 26) and, I’m sorry, but it’s stirring all kinds of feelings! Why? Well, it has been thought for centuries that a full moon represents a time of new romantic connections. Also, did you know that more babies are born under a full moon than at any other time? Ummm, what does that tell you, girls!? And so, it seems quite fitting to me that the headline chat for this week’s Snapshot is about getting and/or keeping your man! How? With words. You’ll see! In addition, a life hack (the best bed ever) and a personal development chat (why it’s important to celebrate success). Ready to take your relationship to the next level? Well then, let’s do this!

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Relationship Chat – What Men Want (To Hear)

The overwhelming popularity of the movie What Women Want (2000) might imply that we ladies are a bit more complicated to figure out than men. Whether that’s true or not, is a subject for an entire blog (or book, really) of its own. But, no doubt, for eons, women have wondered – to themselves and their girlfriends! – what men want to hear, as well! 

Because I do believe men and women are not the same and have unique wants / traits / desires… here is a short list – of things to say – to keep your man happy:

1. “You’re so hot when you cook/clean/do the bills.” See, “you’re so hot” by itself is just generic. However, informing him that he turns you on WHILE performing an ordinary task, will make him feel extra appreciated. And appreciation is the #1 way to his heart.

2. “I feel safe when I’m with you.” This comes down to freakin’ instinct. Men, by nature, are protectors. So, remind your guy from time to time that his presence makes you feel all buttoned up and out of harm’s way. 

3. “I see that gym membership is paying off.” Okay, no one can deny the fact that women get paid compliments on their appearance a lot more than men do. But that doesn’t make it 100% right! Throw your dude a compliment on his body and he’ll work triple time improving on it.

4. “I was bragging to my friends about you today in our group text.” Praising him to your peeps makes him feel important. That he matters in your world. And yes, men need to feel like they matter, too.

Oh, side-note! There’s a What Men Want movie coming out next year! No joke. Maybe, just maybe, men are complicated, too! hehehe


Sleep iconLife Hack Chat – The Best Bed Ever

While we’re on the subject of relationships, it seems like a natural segue to talk about beds. No worries, though, you can keep the kids around because I always keep things PG! Unless, I’m rapping. But, I digress…

Now, if you’ve been around these parts for even a short while, you know that I’m always talking about the importance of sleep. I’ve dedicated numerous episodes of The Chalene Show, social media posts, blogs, and live talks to my sleep journey. I went from being chronically sleep deprived – for decades – to finally waking up (pun intended) and getting the treatment needed to turn my life (and brain) around.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that 1 major factor in getting quality sleep is your bed! And in the next video, I’m going to show you what Bret and I have been using since forever. As stated in the video, it’s definitely an investment. But! Let me tell you, according to Consumer Reports, there isn’t a huge difference in quality from the basic air mattress version to those that cost 3 times as much!

Make sure you watch till the end because there’s a funny story attached. If the last blurb is about what you SHOULD do with your spouse, then this snap is about what you SHOULDN’T….



Personal Development Chat – Why It’s Important To Celebrate Success

Do you recall the last time you took a moment to recognize (let alone celebrate) one of your achievements? As moms, wives, caregivers, leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners… we tend to obsess over the future. Because of which, oftentimes, when we accomplish a meaningful goal, we quickly jump to the next goal. And we neglect ever celebrating our victories.

When you don’t stop and take time to honor your successes, there’s a high probability you will – eventually – suffer from burn out.

Listen, taking a step back to focus on the good is healthy and necessary for your overall wellbeing. If you forget to hone in on your accomplishments – or worse, choose not to –  then let this next vid serve as the reminder you need. Seriously, it’s a MUST WATCH!


What did you think?! Inquiring minds want to know in the comments, mmmkay?!

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8 responses to “Snapshot | What Men Want (To Hear)”

  1. Oh Chalene! You just crack me up. I am listening to your bed story and I am laughing so hard, 🙂 Love you

  2. Hey, chalene….why is it about just “us girls” all of the time???

    Since you’re a woman, what do you think men should be doing to improve their relationship with women.

    I thought I would pose this question, cause you are the absolute “dream” woman. I said that…sorry I know …I know …I know…you be married 2 the perfect man…Only dreaming here of you being zingle wow! Can’t believe I wrote that!

    Love’d your bed raising humor! funny 😉

  3. awwwww, I love this! love the video clip and great advice. Off to tell my mate his muscles are awesome, that he makes me feel safe and that he looks so darn sexy when doing the dishes. =) I can already tell, it’s going to be a great friday night!!!

  4. Omg! I’m dying laughing! So funny! I also laughed when you wrote “the ladies are loving his advice. WHATEVER.” You’re freaking hysterical!

  5. I absolutely love the new logos for your podcasts! I”m an avid listener of both. The images are vibrant, full of energy and such a beautiful colour palette. A powerful video on celebrating success. I have been guilty too of working through and not stopping to appreciate success. It’s so important to celebrate every success, no matter how big or small.

  6. Just watched one of your “live shows” – and you’ve also talked about going to Europe (getting your passport renewed etc). Question: any chance you’ve thought about visiting “Down Under” aka Australia? I’m 100% sure I’m not your only Aussie fan so do you think it might be on the cards to visit say Sydney or Brisbane? I live towards the top end of the east coast so if you do Melbourne or Adelaide then I’ll have to sadly watch the podcast (again), knowing that you’re on our island but that I just can’t get to you (no really, it’s several days drive to get down there from here, trust me!).

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