My Husband Lied To Me

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You Are You Not Failing By Chalene johnson



This Is What R & R Looks Like

Let’s start off with a little bit of silly because Lord knows I need that right now! My team and I just had a super successful launch with MIA! We filled up to capacity! If you missed it this year, you’ll have to wait until 2020 or get on the waitlist NOW for priority seating!

Needless to say, there was some crazy BUSY going on around these parts. So yeah, it’s time for a little bit of R & R. And, for me, that looks like wasting hours and hours on TikTok! Judge me all you want…


And a huge CONGRATS to all my new students! I seriously can’t wait to work with each and every one of you! It’s time to crush it! 


Podcast feature of the week: How To Treat Adult ADD w Dr. Daniel Amen

Whether you know someone who has ADD / ADHD or experience symptoms yourself, it can prove quite a challenging road to navigate. For this week’s pod highlight, I open up about my own struggles with ADD and how I was diagnosed with this disorder. In addition, you’ll hear an interview with my doctor, Dr. Daniel Amen (brain disorder specialist). We dive deep into all things ADD / ADHD and what, ultimately, led me to go in for a brain scan — changing the trajectory of my life forever.


In other podcast news this week:

Unleash Your Inner Super Hero (Monday, The Chalene Show)
Create a Permission To Unfollow Post | Quick Tip Tuesday (Build Your Tribe)
Patience Persistence and Omnipresence (Thursday, Build Your Tribe)
Giving Yourself Permission to do Big Things | CarSmart Edition (Friday, The Chalene Show)


New HIIT Workout 2019

ONE dumbbell HIIT Circuit! Perform each weighted cardio drill for 20 seconds. Alternate 40 seconds of each core exercise. Alternate exercises for a total of 8 minutes. Work up to 20 mins for a killer HIIT workout!

Look, when you make it a priority you can strengthen any area of your life that needs it not just your core. If you don’t move your body with purpose every day, it’s difficult to honor your purpose. Your health is the gift that makes so many things possible. Honor it. Fight for it. Prioritize it. People are counting on you!



My Husband Lied To Me

Ladies, listen. It took 25 years for this to happen. Bret purposely told me a gross untruth. And you know what? I asked for it. Just what the heck am I talking about it? Well…



What did you think of this week’s Snapshot, lifers? I mean, you got some funny, some fitness, and some brain health! What else could you ask for, really?!

Love ya,



4 responses to “My Husband Lied To Me”

  1. Hi Chalene! I’m an MIA student, podcast listener (just quiz me–I’ve heard them ALL!); and I live in Michigan (Midland).

    I noticed this week’s fitness snapshot is from your non-beach home. Since I’ve heard you talk a lot lately about your beach home, I wonder if you sold that previous home. Just totally curious, nothing else.

    Thanks for everything!

  2. LOL, my husband has done that to me too, and we’ve only been married six years. The problem is that he creates a “boy who cried wolf” problem, because sometimes he lies about the time, and sometimes he doesn’t, so I got to a point where I assumed he was always lying about it, but he wasn’t. One time, I was completely convinced he had lied about the time something started, but he hadn’t, and that really almost created a problem. Ugh! So now I try to independently verify through somebody else or another means what time things start, or just try to really sincerely ask him whether he’s telling me the real time or a fake, earlier time. Sheesh!

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