This Could Save Your Relationship

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TRX Booty Circuit

If you belong to a gym, big or small, no doubt you’ve seen TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) straps hanging from somewhere. Honestly, they’ve been a go-to for me for years!

They allow you to use your own body weight (combined with gravity) for a killer resistance workout. The benefits include building:

  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Coordination
  • Core

Using the TRX straps allows you to lighten the load when you land thus creating less impact on joints.

Notes on the tutorial below: You’re going to want to perform each exercise to failure. Now, depending on your intensity, that should happen somewhere between 15 to 40 seconds. Then, rest for 20 seconds and repeat.

FYI, I performed each drill 3x for a 20 minute booty focused HIIT workout. 

Be sure to watch till the very end to find out the results I’ve experienced from workouts like this. All I can say is, Bret is not complaining.

And be sure to bookmark this exercise for your next gym day…



Small Town Gyms vs Big City Gyms

While we’re on the subject of gyms, I had to share a few recent experiences which really highlighted at least one significant difference between gyms in small towns and those in big cities. And, obviously, there are a ton! Are there any that stick out to you? Tell me in the comments below!

But here’s one that just really made an impression on me…



Podcast Feature Of The Week: This Could Save Your Relationship

My husband, Bret, opened up on The Chalene Show this past week about how he has coped with my ADD all these years. To be honest, I was a little shocked when I heard the episode.

Let me just say he was quite candid about our marriage. Far more than I had anticipated! But look, if his openness about us helps even ONE relationship out there, then it will all have been proven worth it!

He covers many topics, including: how to be patient with your loved one, how an ADD brain works, and different hacks he implements — which have been crazy helpful in our lives together! This is a CAN’T MISS episode if you know someone with ADD or ADHD!




Other pod gems this week:


Have a wonderful weekend, my Snapshot fam!




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