3 Instagram Mistakes To Avoid

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With over 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, you know there are mistakes being made. That is, if the intent is to grow one’s business. However, if you have a private account and use IG solely for keeping up with your cousin’s new baby on the way, then this blog may not apply to you.

But if you’re looking to grow your following, your brand and your presence on the platform…

Well then, here are the three most common mistakes I see people making on Instagram!

One Common Mistake People Make On Instagram

1st Mistake: Blindly copying an influencer.

This behavior stems from the idea that best practices are always best for everybody. Now, as someone who shares a lot of best practices, it may seem a little contradictory for me to illustrate this point.

Look, not every best practice applies to every person.

You must know your audience! Do the actual testing into what works for your YOUR account. When you learn and apply what your followers respond to, you’ll be more successful.

And honestly, if all we do is blindly follow the “best tips and tricks,” we’re all going to end up looking the same. Right?

This particular method ensures you’re always a follower and not a leader.

Post with intentionality. Do some research. Poll your audience. Get their feedback, and figure out what’s going to work best for YOU.

2nd Mistake: Inconsistency.

It wasn’t curiosity that killed the cat, it was inconsistency. Actually, curiosity probably killed the cat, but what’s killing your Instagram is inconsistency.

I’m not definitively telling you to post a whole bunch every day. That would directly conflict with point #1 above. Nonetheless, if your goal is to grow your account and get more engagement, more eyes onto your profile, then consistency is king.

Inconsistency Is A Mistake People Practice On Instagram

I will note that being consistent part of the time and being absent for another part of the time… is just as bad as not posting at all.

Figure out how often you can realistically post.

For some of us, we have all the time in the world — posting five times a day and totally engaging with everyone who comments.

For others, posting once a day or once every other day is a more realistic scenario. You’re able to be intentional and thoughtful when you post and you’re not just going to be forcing content for the sake of content.

Our goal is not just to produce quantity of content, but to consistently produce quality content.

For the 3rd and final mistake, you must check out the following Build Your Tribe episode below:

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And hey, what mistakes do you make or see others make on Instagram? I’d love to know in the comments!


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