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Plus! The Power Of A Public Promise (The Running Challenge), How To Tell If Your Child Is Happy, and 131 Method FAQ’s!

It’s July, which basically means it’s Christmas. Don’t believe me? QVC, for years now, has had a month-long Christmas in July event – selling decorations and early gift ideas for kids. The ever adorable Hallmark Channel reserves major time slots for Xmas movies in July to go along with the release of their Keepsake Ornaments in stores. And in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s currently winter, so places like Australia and South Africa are known to partake in the Christmas spirit right about now. So, yeah, how could I not begin this week’s Snapshot with the best shopping hack for women?! Plus, who EVER needs an excuse to go shopping? In addition, you’ll find a nice variety of topics for your perusal, like: the power of a public promise (personal development), how to tell if your child is happy (family), and 131 Method FAQ’s (health). Let’s get this going before you start digging around for that mistletoe! I see you.

Checklist IconLife Hack Chat – Best Shopping Hack For Women 

Studies show the majority of us ladies shop to improve our mood (63.9%, to be exact). Whereas, for men, it’s less than half. And what is the number one thing we girls purchase when indulging in retail therapy? Clothes! Not that that’s a surprise or anything. Therefore, when something miraculous comes along that involves shopping AND clothes, it’s reason enough to headline your Snapshot of the week, if you ask me. 

Look, I’ve been holding out on giving you the scoop until I could confirm how seriously awesome this actually is. Wait no more! Come with me as I give you a tour of the website and how it all works. Not to mention, we’ll be trying on some cute new outfits, too!

By the way, there is no sponsor here or affiliate link of any kind… I just NEED you to be in the know because I love you. That’s all.



Social IconPersonal Development Chat – The Power Of A Public Promise (The Running Challenge)

While it’s easy to break a promise to ourselves, many of us would rather cut off our own arm before disappointing someone we care about. We consider it a reflection of our integrity. So, in order to create a layer of accountability for yourself, I want you to make a promise to follow through with your goals to the important people in your life.

In this next video, I combined a few snaps from the week to show my progress with running (after injury) – to hopefully inspire and remind that announcing your goals(s) publicly will result in success!

Welcome, the Running Challenge! I thought it would be fun if you and I did this together! You know, be accountability partners. Watch and let me know in the comments if you’re down!

Listen, as the video attests, adding just 1 minute (cardio) or 1 repetition (lifting weights) to your workout each time is all you need to be better! When you keep things “bite size,” there’s a healthy and fun psychological component which helps results in your success. That’s honestly what your PUSH Journal is all about. It gives you the structure to conquer your goals just one bite at a time! Summer colors are STILL in stock! Pick yours up NOW and be way ahead of the game come fall!


Family Chat – How To Tell If Your Child Is Happy

It can be so easy to get lost in the day to day hustle of being a parent… that our priorities, for our kids, often become skewed and misguided.

I mean, when you hear parents talking about their children (and hey, we all brag from time to time), you’ll hear adjectives like “smart,” “athletic,” “beautiful,” “talented,” – and so on. But when was the last time you heard “happy”?

And doesn’t happiness lead to the truest definition of self-reliance? Just sayin’.

But how do you know when your kid is happy? Well, there’s one ingredient that, for me, is a telltale sign! Allow me to elaborate in the next clip!



Bonus Health Chat – 131 Method FAQs

When you head to the internet to search anything regarding nutrition and health, you are guaranteed to find yourself scratching your head. That’s because conflicting information is the name of the game! You know how it is… one day you’re told coffee reduces the risk of certain cancers and then the next day a new study says the opposite is true.

Take Amazon, for example. In the category of nutrition, there’s an excess of 60,000 books! Search the word diet in Google and more than 1 BILLION hits appear – instantaneously!

We’ve been indoctrinated to think of our health as fitting into a Google search. Ummm, no.

To be frank, that’s why it’s not a surprise people continue to have questions about 131 Method. 

Like, how could there really be a health program that doesn’t have a ton of rules but actually caters to YOU, the individual? 

Drumroll… we exist! Please take a moment and watch the snap below as I try and bring clarity while answering the most common questions about 131 Method!

Sign up for the next 131 cycle here! Begins on Monday, the 23rd!

Don’t forget, I love hearing from YOU!

I’d appreciate a comment below on whatever is on your mind! Your fave chat this week, if you’ve tried 131, Christmas, whatever!






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  1. I seriously LOVE these Snapshots of the week! I’m on a social media cleanse and I have missed your snaps! Seeing your face passing on tips and hacks makes me happy!😊

  2. 131 should be a book, video series, so that you could own it and follow it for life. Is this possible? The information that you have provided is FANTASTIC. You have compiled so much information from so many experts that is almost impossible to take it all in, in a year. I am very pleased with my year purchase. I just wish I could have this information forever.

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