3 Choices Every New Entrepreneur Must Make

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As a business owner, we know there are so many hats to wear and choices to make that are (at least you think they are) expected of you. But you must proceed slowly and incrementally. Choose how you’re going to generate revenue in your business this quarter or, maybe, this year. Don’t rush and try to do so many things at one time!

Because, oftentimes, when we to try to do everything so quickly, we’re not getting any results… we’re just busy doing a lot of stuff and not reaping the benefits from any of them. Sound familiar?

If you’re just starting out or even if you’re established, lay out your goals for the year. For example, how can you:

  • Scale your current model?
  • Optimize what you already have?
  • Identify your ideal customer?

Based on the opportunities that are available to all of us who are in the digital space, we know it feels like a never ending list of things we should be doing. The crazy amount of choices which will – no doubt! – drive traffic and help us to automate sales. 

Yet, with many entrepreneurs, they end up spending all their time focusing on building social media without taking the time (and slowing down) to set up systems, like:

  • Funnel
  • Automated process
  • Intentional flow
  • Visual flow
  • Visual blueprint

When it comes to setting up these systems and building your brand as an entrepreneur, you’ve got three choices:

Number One: Do it all yourself and figure everything out on your own. 

Number two: Hiring people on as employees or consultants and do it internally.

Third option: Find an agency to do this for you.

Let’s break these down, shall we?

So, the first one, doing everything yourself…

I know you well. You’re me circa before I got smarter. You listen to podcasts, go to trainings, buy courses, and all the rest. Because that’s what entrepreneurs do, right? And you think you’re saving yourself a whole bunch of money.

The challenge with that is… you’re trying to win on your level. And it’s not that you can’t win on your level (I want you to!) and make it happen, but you must be resourceful and sharp with your choices in regard to your business.

But you’re like, “Nah, I’m super adept and really creative. I can totes listen to a bunch of podcasts and watch a ton of YouTube videos! I’ll sleep when I’m dead, plus showers are overrated. So, yeah, I can really just figure this out myself because I’m an entrepreneur, baby! And that’s just how it needs to be. Amen.” 

Dear lifer, tell me, how is all that making you feel?

No need to answer. I’ll take an educated guess and speculate that you’re exhausted.

And, oh! Another question for the do-it-all-by-yourself entrepreneur: Are you making any money?

I’ll take another stab here and assume that you’re bank account has tumbleweeds blowing through it.

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So yeah, sorry, you don’t win using option #1.

The second and third option, actually, either way you go… you win.

To hear those options broken down for you AND:

  • What you want to make sure of when hiring someone internally
  • How to hire the right agency for business growth
  • Why you must shift your mindset when working with an agency
  • The amount of time it takes to see a transition in your brand
  • and way more!

Then, I implore you to check out my most recent podcast on Build Your Tribe, titled: Hitting a Wall in Your Business? Here’s the Number One Mistake and How to Fix It! Let me know in the comments your greatest takeaway! I have a feeling it will be hard to narrow it down to just one!


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