We Sold Our Home (Here’s The Farewell Tour)

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As heard on The Chalene Show, Podcast Feature of the Week: My Weekly Home Workout Routine and What I Eat In A Day

For this week’s pod highlight, you’ll hear me share details on 2 major elements of my daily routine — nutrition and exercise. Now, keep in mind, these practices are specific to me and based on my unique individual factors. That said, I’ll also cover some universal principles to consider if you want to be as healthy as possible, especially during our current climate.


In other podcast gems:



As Seen on IGTV: How To Find Your Thing

Last week, we finished a 2 hour coaching call with a nearly 500 people who are taking control of their financial futures and creating their own thing online. If you have learned nothing else from the last 7 weeks it is that there’s only one person you can count on and it’s YOU!

The two riskiest things you can do right now:

  1. Be dependent on one source of income or a job
  2. Waste time over thinking things. #MakeItMessy

You don’t **find** your purpose. “Your thing” isn’t something that should be obvious to you. It’s something you’ll only figure out by trying a bunch of things!

On our MIA coaching our members were given an assignment and the tools they need to conduct their first “paid” experiment. They will report back in 10 days. We encouraged them to fail! Yes – FAIL! The only way to succeed and figure out your thing is by trying a bunch of things! I can’t wait to celebrate with this group next week on Cinco de Mayo (our next call)!

I’m pleading with you to stop overthinking and start doing! If you have no idea where to start – and you want our help – send me a DM on Instagram!

Comment below if, in fact, your fear of failure, overthinking or making sure it’s perfect is the biggest thing holding you back. Meanwhile, this video should be a good start for you…


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If you’d like get your side hustle on point and join us for our next Live coaching call (on Cinco de Mayo, where adult beverages are encouraged), find out more HERE!


As Seen On IGTV, We Sold Our Home (Here’s The Farewell Tour)

The bittersweet end of a season.

It’s scary – not knowing what life will look like after raising kids.

When I first laid eyes on this home, I was trying to make a bunch of different businesses work. We were deep in debt. I dreamed of raising my kids in this home, but couldn’t really imagine what it would feel like to live in it. @bretjohnson11 and I put a plan in place, plugged away, paid off our debt, turned our lives around and eventually made this house our home.

To be honest, I was sad to say goodbye. Raising our children and cultivating our dream life in this home was no small feat. Every inch held memories, sacrifices and lessons. I realize a home of this size makes no sense for empty nesters, but the thought of letting it go put a pit in my stomach.

This home represents much more than the place we raised our children. This home represents a season to harvest happy children and teach others how to design their own amazing life, grow a business, start a side hustle and eliminate the grind.

And so, in our final minutes, the goodbye was much harder and more cathartic than I imagined. My eyes welled with pride, grief, relief and memories. But I’ve come to accept that closing this chapter isn’t about endings – it is about new beginnings. I am grateful and so excited.

The uncertainty of starting a new chapter can be scary, and saying goodbye is often bittersweet, but it’s everything in the middle that makes life amazing.

If you feel like you’re moving on in life right now – I’m sure you’re experiencing all the emotions, but I promise amazing growth is right around the corner!

Join Bret and I for our farewell tour…


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I love you and so appreciate your support and loyalty. I know how challenging these days have been, so just that fact that we’re still in each other’s live means EVERYTHING to me. I don’t take you for granted. Not for one second.

Love you, mean it,






3 responses to “We Sold Our Home (Here’s The Farewell Tour)”

  1. Thank you for sharing this special moment. As someone who has been with you for 9 years and have followed you for for 12, It means the world that you are still 100 with us and so human. Thank you and see you back in MIA!

  2. Love you, Chalene and Bret! I thank my lucky stars each and every day I can wake up and hear/see/learn more from you two. I’m thankful that you have stood strong together as a beacon of light/hope for all of us during such difficult times. Sending love and light to you during this next chapter of life in your beach home!

  3. Hi Charlene! It’s meka and I love following you. Goodness your house is beautiful. I am going to start listening to your podcast! Hugs meka

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