5-Minute Tie Dye Sweatshirt Tutorial!

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As Seen on Facebook, Lean Turkey Stir Fry Recipe 

This meal is 100% one of my go-to’s! A total staple at the Johnsons (and one I don’t need Bret’s help with, thank you very much). I’m obsessed because it has so many different functions, like:

  • Protein bowl
  • Pasta
  • Salad

I put it up first on my Stories, but had so many requests from YOU to see it again… that I re-posted it to my Facebook feed. And now, just to be sure you know where to find it forever (bookmark this page!), here it is in your weekly Snapshot! How will you prepare it? Let me know in the comments! #RecipeOfTheWeek


Looking for more delicious recipes? Well…

Real talk… if quarantine hasn’t done wonders on your waistline, you’re not alone!

These are stressful times, and you may be putting your health on the back burner while our routines are upside down! 

You might be wondering if you can even drop weight right now when you’re dealing with this pandemic. And the answer is 100% yes.

I’ve created a NEW “Tough Times” weight loss plan that is tailored to help you drop pounds, even during this crazy time in history.

You’ll get super simple, customizable meal plans, hundreds of delicious recipes, and text message accountability sent right to your phone from me.

I’m SO excited to coach that I wanted to make the decision to join SUPER simple…

So for a limited time, you can start for 90% off, and we’ll waive the join fee!

How’s THAT!?


As Heard on Build Your Tribe, Podcast Feature of the week, 9 Phrases To Persuade Anyone To Take Action

On this episode, I’ll share 9 phrases you need to memorize if you hate coming off as salesy, but want to encourage others to take action. These words might apply to your customers, followers, friends or even children.

Bottom line: there are times we’re all looking to be more influential by changing someone’s mind or helping them to improve upon something! So, get out your pen and paper and write these phrases down!


In other podcast gems this week:



As Seen on IGTV, My 5-Minute Tie Dye Sweatshirt Tutorial!

This super comfy /cute sweatshirt took all of 5 minutes to make! (Feel free to drop all your white clothes off at my house. I’m officially out of control.) What creative projects have you experimented with in the last 2 months? #LockdownLife


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