10 Social Media Predictions for 2023

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Not that I have a crystal ball or anything, but I think it’s safe to say my 2023 social media predictions carry a lot of weight. Why?

  • Number one: I’m a constant student using a multitude of platforms
  • Number two: I have direct and personal access to the top experts on each one of the platforms 
  • Number 3: I continually poll my 12,000 members of the Marketing Impact Academy and 2.5+ million followers across Instagram/Facebook/TikTok

That aside, one thing I like to pride myself on is being able to predict trends (AKA seeing them before they become a trend). Honestly, this is a very critical trait for successful entrepreneurs, in general. 

Social Media Predictions Trends 2023

I think one of the greatest gifts/skills that you can tap into as an entrepreneur is recognizing patterns.

And when you start to see them happening over and over again, truly paying attention, that’s how you’re able to comfortably rest in your predictions — before it’s so obvious and everybody knows about it.

See, once a trend becomes so apparent, you’ve already missed the opportunity to:

  • jump on it!
  • set the trend!
  • be the one whom people are talking about!

10 Social Media Predictions for 2023

1st trend: Messy user-generated content. 

2nd trend: Exceptional storytelling on the rise.

Social Media Predictions Trends 2023

3rd trend: Curated content is going to take a nosedive. 

4th trend: Major decline in trending sounds.

5th trend: More small accounts getting big brand deals and a lot of collaborations between micro-influencers.

6th trend: Quality over quantity. 

7th trend: TikTok is going to continue to dominate. 

While we’re talking about TikTok, here’s a pro tip: TikTok is the place where people go who are sick of being hit over the head with the same thing over and over and over again — on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. This platform is known for being refreshingly real.

8th trend: Comeback platforms (the return of prior giants).

Social Media Predictions 2023 Comeback Platforms on Rise

9th trend: Consumers demanding immediate accountability from brands.

10th trend: Watch out for BeReal (platform).

Now, in the event you need more intel and clarification behind each and every prediction, you’re in luck! The Build Your Tribe podcast below has everything you’re looking for!

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