Social Stories: How To Use Instagram Stories For Business

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Have you noticed that stories are popping up everywhere recently? There’s SnapChat, Instagram stories, Facebook stories, and now YouTube has jumped on the bandwagon with YouTube reels. But wait, there’s more! has stories. GoPro, too. Even ESPN SportsCenter has for its new tagline: ‘You May Know the Score, But We Know the Story.’

There’s a reason why stories are so popular. If you do it right, you can use them to draw your lifers to you, make a connection, and build a relationship that’s so much stronger than anything you can create via photo or an edited video. There’s something truly special about the realness of stories. It helps us build trust in a way that can turn followers into loyal, life-long customers. It can completely change your business!

We, as humans, have been speaking for about 100,000 years. When we first started uttering sounds, we weren’t sharing statistics. There were no emails to craft. Not even a love letter to write. We were telling stories.

Hey, over there, there’s some tall trees; and in the tall trees, there’s a lion. Don’t go over there, you’ll get eaten.”

Our brains had to process that information. We had to remember it. That story (of warning) had to stick in our brain or else we would die.

And here we are 100,000 years later on social media communicating most effectively by continuing to… tell stories. We don’t have to worry about the lion in the tree, but the story is still hardwired into our brain.

There are 5 story habits you must practice on Social Media to attract new customers! These habits, when executed, are a sure-fire way to build your client base – for life. And they all come down to making your lifers care…

#1 Story Habit: Make it personal.

A big misconception when it comes to storytelling is that people feel they need to make stories too broad. If you try to deliver your stories in a one size fits all package, though, you’ll lose your passion. And, guess what? The audience will intuitively sense your apathy. That’s why the first habit is to make it personal.

#2 Story Habit: Focus on emotion.

This is something that we often times struggle with because the stories that we’re constantly watching on the news are focused on facts. Many of us go to conferences for the numbers. Give me the numbers! Well, okay, I’ll bite. Here’s one statistic for you:

Stories are remembered 22 times more than facts.

When you’re telling stories, hone in on the feeling you want to convey to your audience. Stories don’t always have to be something as intense as shattering your collarbone. Sometimes the story can just be what you wore to the farmer’s market on Sunday.

Worry less about facts and getting every little detail right. Stop being a news reporter, and start focusing on emotion.

#3 Story Habit: Practice, practice, practice.

This can’t be repeated enough! If you use SnapChat stories, Instagram stories, Facebook stories, and/or Facebook live, you need to be a good storyteller. All it takes, like anything in life, is practicing.

Begin practicing with stories that aren’t your own. You can Google jokes, funny stories, and inspirational stories. Whatever speaks to you, your brand, and the customer you want to attract!

For the remaining 2 story habits (and a whole lot more crazy detailed amazing information), make sure you listen to Grow Your Business with Social Media Stories: 5 Components Every Successful Story Must Have, with Brock Johnson — on Build Your Tribe!

Whether you’re talking about organic foods on Facebook Live or real estate on Instagram or fitness on SnapChat or politics on Twitter or games on YouTube… it’s imperative to define your storytelling skills.

Stories have a tremendous potential to take your business to the next level. It’s time to start implementing these tips and get on stories today!


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