Why Some Succeed And Others Fail

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Some succeed. Others fail. Why? Are we built differently? As in, does it come down to our genetic makeup (i.e., nature)? Or is it more about how we’re raised, societal influences (i.e., nurture)? What makes one individual pursue their dreams and another barely even dare to dream altogether?

When it comes to living your dream life, really feeling like you’ve reached your potential, I, personally, believe there are four types of people. Maybe I’m overgeneralizing, but we’re talking a lifetime of experiences, observations, and research. Plus, rap music. 

Which Type Will Succeed?

Okay, here it goes…

Type 1: Doesn’t even dream.

It never even crosses her mind – doesn’t enter her realm of reality – that she could live in a different home or without debt or be happy in her marriage.

Type 2: Talks herself out of the dream.

Oh, the dream is there, but the thought of it is so freaking scary! Hence, she quickly talks herself out of the possibility to succeed. No action is ever taken. She, also, believes the dream is for someone else. It’s like,

Look at those people who live in that nice neighborhood! Wow, what it must be like to live there and succeed like that. I could never have that…”

As opposed to wondering, instead, what it took to get there.

Wondering How To Succeed

Type 3: Those who dream, but sabotage.

She’s a quitter and constantly talks herself out of opportunities. Not to mention, overthinks, listens to silly excuses, and self-doubt. But she does take action! And, to some extent, can enjoy seeing some of her dreams realized.

Type 4: Takes action.

Our girl is the mover, shaker, and queen action taker! Unafraid of making a mistake. Failure is not a part of her vocabulary. She will succeed come hell or high water!

Perhaps she talks about failure in retrospect, but she tries and tries and tries!

She gives herself permission to dream and to fail because she knows you can’t succeed without experiencing failure. You just can’t.

Now, sit up straight and please focus on this next question with your undivided attention (because it’s important)…

Are you accepting less than what you want, less than what you deserve, less than what is your potential? In other words, are you settling for mediocrity?

To Succeed Or Accept Mediocrity

What does that mean, though? I mean, I guess you can’t answer YES or NO unless you have some idea of what it means to accept mediocrity, or, say, the status quo.

Allow me to dig DEEP on this subject on my newest podcast, titled: GO GET THAT DREAM! – on The Chalene Show!

I can’t begin to tell you how many lifers reached out to me after this episode!

One of the most impactful parts of the show, I’m told, was sharing with you the story of my grandparents. How they struggled, worked hard, yet, ultimately, settled.

Listen, in order to make a change, in order to level up your life, you’ve got to stop accepting that which is not okay with you. I believe, wholeheartedly, that each and every one of us is capable of greatness. You’ll believe it, too. After listening to the show! Promise.

Life will be a little smoother because you, my friend, will have the understanding of the power it takes to live your dreams. You are the bomb dot com.


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