How To Take Instagram Worthy Photos on iPhone

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At the end of the day, Instagram is a photo-based platform — an aesthetic-based platform. That’s not to say that everything has to be Photoshopped and perfected and beautiful to be worthy to make it on your feed. It also doesn’t mean that everything you post needs to be a photo.

But the way you present yourself  — as in, the way your photos look online — does have an effect on how well your Instagram performs.

Your Photos Need To Be Instagram Worthy To Perform Well and Can Be Taken on Your iPhone

All You Need Is An iPhone

You can do just about everything from your iPhone or, for that matter, any modern smartphone. And when I say modern, I mean not more than a few years old.

Let’s be real…

You’re probably reading this blog because you’d like to grow your business and brand online by using social media. And hey, if you’re still on an iPhone from 2012, then it’s time to upgrade. 

Sure, it’s not a luxury, and I’m well aware that some of these smartphones are expensive. But, truth is, this is your business we’re talking about. Also, it’s a tax write-off — so, you’ll be saving some money on your taxes by writing off that new iPhone 11 or 12 (depending when you read this).

To be honest, though, even something as recent as the iPhone 8 or some of the new Samsung (droid) smartphones have worthy camera quality.

Upgrade Your iPhone for Worthy Instagram Photos

Speaking of Camera Quality…

The new iPhone can shoot in 4K. And did you know that often movies aren’t even shot in 4K? It’s such an advanced / high-definition quality of video that many computer & phone screens aren’t even optimized to handle it. These particular devices scale back 4K to the normal HD resolution.

This means the phone you might be reading this on already is more than capable of doing everything you need it to do.

Of course, professional photographers will be the best at taking pictures. And sure, DSLR cameras (by Nikon, Sony, Canon) are always going to snap higher-quality images than your phone. Until, they don’t).


But when it comes to Instagram — and the posts you’re making on social media, in general — the iPhone in your hand is more than enough. Hence, the days of having to…

  • Hire a professional photographer
  • Spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy camera
  • Invest in a lighting set up

…are over. 

Great, now you know that all you need is your iPhone to take Instagram worthy photos for your IG. But, to learn HOW to take such photos and save money in the process, listen to this Build Your Tribe episode: 



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