What Resilience Means And Why It Matters

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What does it mean to be resilient? In short, resilience is a quality which allows people who’ve been knocked down to come back stronger than ever.

Psychologists have identified some of the factors that make a person resilient. Here’s what they include:

  • Having a positive attitude; optimism.
  • The ability to know you can control your emotions
  • To see failure as a form of feedback.

Resilient people, after their misfortune, realize they’ve been blessed. They take it as a sign to change course and soldier on.

Listen, don’t waste another minute of your precious life wondering why setbacks happened. Forget about it.

Resilience is about staying in the game. It’s about getting knocked over and building yourself back up to be stronger. It’s deciding what you want the final outcome to be, realizing you have control. You have the ability to control your attitude and how you respond to it.

I ask you to realize that every setback has served to make you better.

Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again. ~Nelson Mandela

It’s time to make an important decision about what you need to do next and take action.

Maybe hit that reset button on your life and start anew!

Bouncing back is the most powerful behavioral habit you can form! You must accept what’s happened, and then commit to move forward.

Take the past for what it taught you, but don’t live there.

Wake up every day and know that your life is just going to get better.

A key way to do this is to set intentions for your morning the night before. You can do this on a Post-It or with your SmartLife PUSH Journal – whatever works for you. When you start habits such as this, you are not just changing (and uplifting) your daily routine… but, also, your thinking. Not to mention, showing the Universe you are serious about change.

At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you. ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Your whole life is ahead of you. You have a chance, right now, this very moment, to change your mindset, attitude, outlook, and start fresh.

Whatever happened in the past need not prevent you from creating the future life that you deserve.

Just like your computer needs every once in a while… reboot, baby! Become resilient. Move ahead with horse blinders on. Because you know what? You can do anything.


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