How To Shut Off Work Mode

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There’s a glaring problem if your significant other suggests a vacation in your not so distant future, but – instead of thoughts swirling with exciting possibilities – your brain starts panicking over how you will ever shut off from work mode! You can’t help but think of all the things you might have to sacrifice for your business! Your heart starts racing with fear and dread. Yeah, I know you, fellow entrepreneur. I was there once.

Tell me if my story is relatable:

I used to hate vacations. They sounded, to me, like death by relaxation. Couldn’t do it. I’d be super stressed out at just the thought of unplugging. I mean, my gosh, there would be an opportunity missed! I’d be so far behind (when I returned) that there’s no way taking a trip would be unwinding. Ironically, I’d be wound up! The world, as I know it, would freaking crumble!

And, scene.

Listen, here are 2 ways I’ve learned to fix that (really helping to turn off from work mode):

Number ONE: Transition into a place of smart success.

You don’t need to do more. There are no laws written saying you have to do everything. Learn to compartmentalize, outsource, and prioritize. God will reward if you just understand you’re enough… and do what’s right.

Number TWO: Ask permission from your travel buddies to spend about 30 minutes every day (on your vacation) just checking in.

Look, this quick “sign-in” will help assuage whatever fear lays in the back of your head that the brick and mortar is burning down and your Facebook Page is being turned into, We hate this stupid brand!

Honestly, this really does help to enjoy your time off.

When you finish your daily reporting for duty, you return feeling surprisingly rested and happy. This is because your brain now has some peace. And the best part is it shows your loved ones that you truly value your time together.


Well, you’re only “checking out” for those allotted 30 minutes.

The rest of the time… the phone is out of sight! Ya hear me!?

Let me know in the comments your policy on reviewing work while you’re on vacay!


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