When It’s Okay To Say No

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When is it okay to say no? You might know the answer deep in your subconscious. Your gut is telling you what to do. But, you just can’t muster up that teeny tiny two-letter word. 

Well today, you’ll hear it from me! I’ll bail you out. You’re welcome.

And you know what? It may not even come down to a NO. Perhaps it’s something more like,

“Not right now, but thanks for thinking of me.”

When It's Okay to Say No or Not Right Now

Here are 5 times it’s totally okay to say No...

Say NO to: Activities, events, social gatherings you’re not looking forward to.

Politely send in your RSVP and let them know, unfortunately, you regret that you’re not able to attend. You don’t need to give people the reason why. You don’t need to explain yourself. Going just because you feel like you have to is not a good enough reason. Who cares?

Remember, we teach people how to treat us.

Say NO to: Certain social media accounts.

If there are accounts that pop up on your Instagram scroll that have a deleterious effect on your energy, why are you still following them? Maybe they tend to make you feel not as:

  • pretty
  • cute
  • smart
  • exciting
  • put together
  • successful
  • happy

Now, I don’t think you need to unfollow everyone who’s doing a little bit better (in your eyes) than you are.

I’m just trying to illustrate that if particular accounts trigger negative feelings every time there’s a new post… then unfollow. Or, at least mute them.

It's Okay to Unfollow Accounts That Trigger You

Say NO to: That big new project (sometimes).

You’ve been thinking you need to this thing. I mean, everybody else is doing it! Yet, you’ve got this little voice in the back of your head saying,

“Is this really the right time? Should I really be doing this?”

The right response just might be,

Not right now. Thank you very much.”

So, say no to it for now, and consider doing it later when the timing is right.

Say NO to: Being used.

This is about you having better boundaries — especially, if you’re an entrepreneur establishing your own hours. Catch yourself doing things only because no one else will. For instance:

  • Making your kid’s bed
  • Always scheduling get-togethers with friends
  • Volunteer again for a thankless job because you’re a people-pleaser

Say NO to: Bad habits.

These might be choices that don’t honor your health or your word.

Health: Eating fast food all the time because you’ve waited too many hours in between meals and now you’re too hungry to wait.

Word: Stop saying no to your kids 50 times. See, your children are smart and know that eventually if they press you hard enough, they’re going to get to a yes. Say no once, and then ignore them. If they continue to badger, debate and hound you, explain the consequences for not listening the first time. And do so very calmly.

It's Okay To Say No To Bad Habits

For many other circumstances in life you must say no to AND, perhaps most crucial of all, the different types of PEOPLE in your life it’s okay to say NO to… check out The Chalene Show podcast below:



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