How Our Bartender Saved The Day

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Surprise Visit To My 94 Year Old Grandma!

It’s the last Snapshot before Christmas (and Hanukkah, too!) and I just thought this family moment would be the perfect way to start.

My sister, Jenelle, and I surprised my 94 year old grandma in Michigan. I’m certain it will bring a smile to your face and touch your heart.


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If you’re lucky enough to still have Grandparents – cherish them.

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Just a thought here… 

3 ways you can make the holidays brighter for seniors in your life:

1) Remember together

Take a trip down Memory Lane and talk about holiday gatherings from years past. Sometimes the holidays can be tough — especially for the elderly — so remembering happier times is a good thing.

2) Start new traditions

When those in your life are no longer able to participate in traditions of old, why don’t you bring new ones to them!? Easy crafts, baking, and neighbors popping by would bring lots of cheer!

3) Schedule ahead

If an elder in your life doesn’t live close by, I’d recommend to plan a trip and see them at some point during the holiday season. The last thing you want is for them to be alone.

Bottom line: if you’re lucky enough to still have Grandparents — cherish them.


Podcast Feature Of The Week: Creating a Plan for the Next 90 Days

If you haven’t checked out episode #508, be sure to go back and do so before you listen to the ep below!

It may not be a surprise to learn that a very small percentage of people ever achieve their goals. But what may be a surprise is knowing what people who DO accomplish their goals all have in common. They put them in writing! Which is why I highly recommend to listen to this show with pen and paper. Or a PUSH Journal (if you’re super cool)! In your highlight pod this week, I’ll teach you how to accomplish serious goal setting and kick off your New Year right!


Oh, and you need to check out the new Queen Bee Journals! They’re in limited supply so I’m telling you… don’t wait!

Other pod gems from the week:


How Our Bartender Saved The Day (and Thoughts on Tipping)

Back in the day, I worked in the hospitality industry and did the waitress thing. Is waitress even a word anymore? No, I think everyone is called a server today. Forgive me. #PC

Anyway, I digress!

As one who used to take her work seriously in restaurants, I still (to this very minute!) find it shocking when peeps are rude to customers!

So, shocked I was when I encountered this particular RUDE hostess. But… there was a savior. 

For the whole story, check out your headlining video of the week! Bret and I are about to get real and spill some truth, so get ready…


Wishing you the most joyous holiday time imaginable!






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