5 Ways To Share Links On Instagram

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Adding links to your Instagram account is a great way to direct people from the Instagram app to your: brand, business, product, personal website or wherever you’d like to send viewers. And the more ways to accomplish this the merrier, right?

So, let’s hit 5 different options for adding links to your Instagram…

Different Options For Adding Links To Your Instagram

The 1st way: Bio.

Most people already know this one. In your Instagram profile, you have the ability to add a link. You can change it as frequently as you like. And, you can direct people to that either through your Stories, Instagram Live, IGTV or your feed.

Basically, with anything you post on Instagram you can direct people to your bio by writing, “Go tap on the link in my bio to do X, Y, and Z, to gain X, Y, and Z, to download X, Y, and Z.”

The 2nd way: *Swipe up on Stories.

Basically, once you’re done recording your Instagram Story, you can tap on the little paper clip up at the top of the screen. Then, type in any web link you want. That way, your audience will be able to swipe up from the bottom to the top of the screen and open a link.

But why the asterisk above?

At this time, you have to have more than 10k followers to have access to this feature.

I truly hope Instagram changes that one day soon!

The 3rd way: Tiny URL.

One reason it’s often tough to direct people to a link from Instagram is that there aren’t clickable links. If you were to just post the link as text in your Stories or in your caption below the photo, people can’t click on them.

If your link is very long, the likelihood of anyone remembering and THEN heading to an internet browser and typing it in… is not going to happen.

Remembering Your Links On Instagram is Key

One way around this is to use a tiny URL. If you have a long…

  • blog post
  • website name
  • checkout landing page

…you want to send people to, try using a free tiny URL.

It’s super simple! Just enter a long URL to make it tiny and it’ll automatically generate a smaller URL — totally free, by the way.

You can create a custom tiny URL, too! When you create one that’s custom…

You put the tiny URL as text in your Story or in your caption, and it’ll be easy for people to recall!

They’ll just head to their internet browser and easily type away from memory.

The 4th way: Buy an easy to remember URL.

If you have a long website name that you really want to direct people to, buy a cheap URL that’s shorter and easier to commit to memory (on a site like godaddy.com).

And then, you can just set it up so that URL forwards to the original page you wanted to send people to.

For the 5th and final way for you to add links to your Instagram — that will 100% blow your mind — you must listen to the Build Your Tribe podcast below…

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