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When things don’t go according to plan — which, hello, was 2020 for all of us — it’s crucial to have tips for coping. Not to mention, being as prepared as possible.

Now sure, I mentioned 2020 being an example as the unexpected. But, knowing that everybody was going through life turned upside-down made the experience a little easier, bearable or more comforting, if you will. Not for everyone, of course, but in general terms.

For many people, though, there are personal blows in life. So, this blog is dedicated to anyone who is looking for a way to deal with curveballs thrown their way — not matter how curvy and fast they may be.

You Must Learn To Cope when Things Don't Go According To Plan

My #1 Tip For When Things Don’t Go According To Plan

Evaluate the thing with an open mind.

Okay, you’ve had a change of plans. Maybe it’s that your:

  • Marriage didn’t turn out the way you hoped it would
  • Children went down a path you’re not a fan of
  • Promotion at work never came to be

This happens to all of us.

When moments / events in life take you down a surprising detour, you need to look at whatever it is and say,

“This may not necessarily be a bad thing. It’s just not what I had in mind.”

Hence, have an open mind, girl!

Personal anecdote:

Bret and I had, for years, been really looking forward to traveling in 2020 and 2021. And by traveling, I mean, conducting our lives, our businesses, from other countries. And we purposely set up our online business so that we could do just that.

However, life didn’t turn out to grant that hard-earned, years in the making, plan. And it’s not just the pandemic playing culprit.

Bob, my father-in-law, is currently battling Stage 5 Alzheimer’s. The way the situation has worked out, Bret and I are currently caring for him. And oh my God, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have dedicated the majority of my social media to this journey. And the lives positively impacted… I couldn’t even begin to express in months of blogs.

This entire chapter has been a blessing that I never could have imagined. I must receive thousands of concerned messages from people, weekly, wanting to know how we’re truly coping. But honestly, we’re really having a good time. And I think so much of that has to do with our attitudes. This doesn’t feel like a burden. It feels like a gift.

Sure, we’re not traveling right now and operating our business from Europe or wherever because life didn’t go according to plan.

But — as cliché it is to write… there’s a reason for anything happening.

So, you’ve got to have an open mind and truly evaluate it. Maybe you’ll find the gift.

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